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  1. Yes, lucky you. I am over 3 hours away by car and it isn't cheap to stay the night in Bournemouth. Hopefully the Cardiff show will be kinder to me as that is only half an hour down the road from me : )
  2. Don't believe it!! Not only have all my Saturday guests cancelled ( can only attend the one day this time) BUT the Alien 3 guests are ONLY there on the Sunday ( cannot attend this day) :( Going to have to knock this event on the head and hope for better luck next year :(
  3. Well there goes my wife and I's reason for attending Only have Lance left on my list and I really do not know if it is worth me travelling all the way from Wales to the show. May have to cut my losses and ditch the smaller 'regional' shows from now on! LFCC seems to be the only SM show worth attending these days so I think I will just save my hard earned money on that.
  4. Yes, I totally agree. Fantastic layout this year and the best LFCC I have attended in many a year. Spot on. Hats off to the boys and girls at Showmasters. Credit where credit is due :) A special mention too all the crew who run the photo shoot areas also. Great job guys :)
  5. Mark Hamill Benedict Cumberbatch Jon Bernthal Viggo Mortensen Gal Gadot Pretty please :)
  6. Lovely guy and a fantastic meet. Had a great experience in the photo shoot on Saturday morning and I feel genuinely privileged to have met such a fine actor.
  7. Mr Coates is an absolute legend in my opinion. I had a fantastic experience in both his photo shoot and Autograph areas and would not hesitate to spend my hard earned cash on meeting him again! His talk was great and I am so pleased to have met such a cool guest from a show I admire so much. SAMCRO forever!!!!!
  8. Looks like I won't be using my 'photo shoot' vouchers this year then. If they were going to be talk tickets then they should have been advertised on the Gold Pass ticket as such!! Not impressed to be honest : (
  9. No, otherwise it would have been mentioned. Strictly speaking the vouchers have now been turned into talk vouchers.
  10. Hi. Can we not use the two £10 photo shoot tokens for a £20 photo shoot instead of a talk?
  11. I agree. Let's try and get Jenette to Cardiff and make my year also.
  12. Hence the Jeri Ryan reference!! A limited amount of autograph opportunity tickets for a limited amount of signatures from Michael would have been nice
  13. Are you forgetting the limitations of the man himself? He has Parkinson's, which means his ability to sign autographs will be limited, hence why only a few have been agreed, and only for those on the diamond pass. Photoshoots will be easier dor him to manage. Whilst I appreciate that a lot of auto hunters will be disappointed to miss out, I think he should be lauded for the fact that he is doing this at all. Hmm, did you not bother to read the post then? Like I said, I can appreciate his illness and it would be unreasonable to expect Michael to sign autographs for hours on end during the weekend! What I am trying to highlight here is the lack of affordable autograph packages for autograph collectors. Not everyone attends these shows for the photo shoots. I will miss out on meeting Michael due to this fact
  14. A truly fantastic announcement (for those who can afford it!!) As an autograph collector I am still smarting from this. Having the once in a lifetime chance to meet a guest of Michael's caliber and then to be told it will cost me £445 is quite frankly unacceptable to me. Why is it that there are SO many photo shoot options and only the one autograph package? I can appreciate that Michael would find signing umpteen hundreds of photos etc almost impossible so why isn't there a more affordable option for us autograph collectors? My fiancee has been able to secure a photo shoot at the cost of £85 which is great. Unfortunately I have been priced out of what would have been a great experience which would have stayed with me for years to come Now don't get me wrong, I am not knocking SM and I consider myself to be one of the shows biggest and long serving supporters. All I am asking is that you give the autograph collector a fair chance of meeting future guests of Michael J Fox's stature by offering a more affordable package. A limited number of pre-order autograph tickets would be good as per Jeri Ryan a few years ago which seemed to work very well
  15. Nice guy and great guest for all the 'Thrones' fans out there. Keep 'em coming SM!!
  16. Fantastic guest. Sincerely hope he shows up this time as my fiancée was extremely disappointed when he cancelled in the summer. Another welcome signature for my Empire Strikes Back poster
  17. I met Lauren a couple of years ago, she was lovely. Would like to see her come around again as I have only recently discovered that she appeared in Supernatural which my fiancée and I have just got into BIG time
  18. Makes you wonder how much a Diamond Pass will be for a bigger harder to get guest Robert Englund is without doubt one of the best guests you could possibly wish to meet at a SM event. Having said that I have personally met him on a number of occasions and will not need to take advantage of the Diamond Pass package this time. It does make me wonder however how much would the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Mark Hamill and Andrew Lincoln etc cost the 'average' punter. If the Diamond Pass is the way to go at future SM events, I for one express my concern for my future bank balance
  19. Lovely lady. She was the first guest I ever met way back at Collectormania 4 in the shopping center in Milton Keynes Well worth a meet
  21. Sigourney Weaver please Oh...... and Linda Hamilton for my lovely wife-to-be Now that would make BOTH our summer!!
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