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  1. Just bought a Saturday shoot for him, but there was no option to pick any of the Batch numbers listed (up to 7). So my ticket is without a Batch number. Do I just go in with the last Batch (7) when they're called?
  2. Yep. Just went to buy & noticed it had sold out. Got individual shoot & talk instead & now I can decide on the day whether I'll bother with an auto or not.
  3. Is Eventbrite playing up again? It won't let me complete payment in the shop & sends me back to the first page. I've never had an issue with it in the past. Just an update. It seems it's the Eventrite App playing up. As in the end I just went through Google to the website & managed to buy my ticket's there no problem.
  4. Glad he's rebooked. Was just watching him in Much Ado About Nothing the other week.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was the same as the signing event's, with registration letters needing to be posted out.
  6. Do we know when is the last day to buy tickets online is?
  7. Legend. Love him in a lot of thing's, but think I'll get a Hellboy picture for auto. Got the photo shoot as well.
  8. Definitely getting an auto, now to decide if I want a photo shoot.
  9. Please you have managed to reschedule her. Will be buying my photo shoot on Monday.
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