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  1. I m still waiting for my Natalie Dormer refund.
  2. I still didn't receive my refund for my Natalie Dormer photoshoot, is sending an e-mail to shop@showmastersevents.com enough?
  3. Still waiting for that big 'Empire Strikes back" announcement. And no not talking about Kenny Baker and Dave Prowse.
  4. Last year they announced that Transformers was also gonna be a big part of the event. The shambles how that turned out. Same with the GoT screening, the mentionned 'extra' was a carton box. Always look at these "big" announcements with a grain of salt
  5. John Saxon retired from the convention scene. His last appearence was in Canada last year.
  6. Jett did a SM show in the last couple of years I think that was sarcasm ,
  7. Nice guest announcement, but a lot of us are really waiting for Diamond guest not a guest who's back an repacked as a Diamond Experience.
  8. Could be James Tolkan, Claudia Wells, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd with the BTTF car (again).
  9. the show was dead empty saturdayafternoon at around 16'o clock. Imagine what it will be at CMK22, which has the worst line up, besides Amanda Tapping, for actors in YEARS.
  10. Unlikely, he was announced for another event across the Channel the same weekend, but he cancelled because of work commitments.
  11. Besides the Astronauts, this is the weakest guestlist in years.
  12. "we are looking to host a number of Doctor Who guests who cover all aspects of the shows history and have not been to a Showmasters signing event before. They will attend either 9am - 1pm or 2pm to 6pm, watch this space for more announcements)" Hopefully no glorified extras like "Man in the Corner" or "Father", etc.
  13. svanlaer


    Jeroen Krabbé would be nice.
  14. Showmasters should deal in wine, how older the guest, the more expensive he is.
  15. Bruce Campbell would be nice, considering he's everywhere at US conventions now Burn Notice has been cancelled/ended.
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