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  1. Charmer

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    I'm planning to do the same. Hope the floor plan is out soon. I have a feeling the best we can hope for is that the stages are on the same floor. I doubt they'll be too close or you'd hear one from the other, lol!
  2. Charmer

    Entry points and pass collection

    I'm not sure if it's been asked (sorry if it has) but in terms of exiting, will we be able to exit through any exit (including the Grand Hall Foyer)? As last year we were only aloud out of the exit we came in at which I don't think I'm the only one who found a bit inconvenient.
  3. I hope you both get your wish. Thankfully I've met all four of the main Hobbits. Elijah, oddly, was my first and Sean was the last one (I think).
  4. Charmer

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    It's a tough choice as it's between Gina Torres and Lucifer talk....I think the Lucifer one could be more fun so I think I'd sway towards that. Neither have another talk on another day that I can tell so would like to see as much of both as possible. I'll see how close stages are when maps come out (hopefully end of this week )
  5. Charmer

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    I've just realised a couple of talks I've bought clash. People with experience at this, what's the best thing to do? Leave one early and get to the other late? Stay for one at get to the second one even later? Or Leave early and get to the second one on time? I suppose it's really down to choice but thought I'd see what other people usually do.
  6. Charmer

    Entry points and pass collection

    Just to make sure I’ve understood, we collect gold passes opposite the station which ever day we first arrive then enter in door H? Is there a short cut through to the other side?
  7. Charmer

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Looking forward to seeing who's announced. Prepared for possible moving around of my weekend schedule.
  8. I was just wondering whether this will be available as a solo pic through the day as well or is it just for the Shatner op?
  9. So there’s no way to find out ahead of time? That a shame.
  10. I was wondering if anyone having a stall is going to be selling the new Stranger Things My Little Pony?
  11. Charmer

    Statement From Jason

    Agreed, they would be amazing, though I wouldn't label them as legends really. I think someone legendary would have been around a lot longer and likely be well known for more than the one thing such as Harrison Ford.....I think an outside guess for me would be Robert Redford...maybe George Lucas as they aren't definitely actors, could be film makers.
  12. Charmer

    Statement From Jason

    Me too...fingers crossed it all goes through ok...or else we'll never find out who they were.
  13. Charmer

    Statement From Jason

    The use of the word "Legends" makes me think these people have been around for quite a few years. Personally I hope the three come from the likes of; Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Winona Ryder and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Outside bets for me but would love just as much would be Arnie, Sly, Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Moranis or Steve Martin. If I get any correct I'll be over the moon. Anyone from Marvel or DC films would be awesome too.
  14. I'm going to guess Sophie Turner as my first choice. Shiri Appleby as my second and Rose McGowan as my third.
  15. I was just wondering if there are due to be any prop or scene photoshoot this time? Sorry if I'm missing something glaringly obvious.