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  1. Charmer

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    I'm going to say Alicia Silverstone, simply because I saw a video of her being interviewed at a con the other day (not sure when con was though).
  2. Charmer

    Saturday Fan Quiz

    I was just wondering is anyone knows who won the quiz on the Saturday as I forgot to go back for the results.
  3. Charmer

    Good show! Same again next year please.

    Definitely agreed, was a lovely first con of the year. I got there at about 9:15 and had all the autographs I wanted within about an hour and a half. There were a couple of talks I had and photoshoots to keep my busy the rest of the day but no rushing around. Spent a lot more than normal on the stalls.
  4. Charmer

    Floor Plan! Now updated

    Is the Tardis photoshoot in the same place as the car one?
  5. Charmer

    General Chat

    Is there a date as to when the shop closes for this event?
  6. Charmer

    Movie Title Game

    Quick Change
  7. Charmer


  8. Charmer


    Awesome, met Rose, Rahul and Aly last year so will be great to add him to my iZombie collection.
  9. Charmer

    Met so far

    https://autograph-world.smugmug.com/ It's easier to have a link to my autographs website. Hope you like it :-)
  10. Charmer

    Big guest announcement 28/11 at 6PM

    I know it's not going to be but would be AWESOME if Will Smith came along with the other Fresh Prince guests! More likely would be Alfonso Ribero. Or, maybe Miranda Otto to go along with Lucy Davis?
  11. Charmer

    RIP Stan Lee

    Very sad news to hear the other day It was thanks to LFCC a few years ago that I got to meet the great man in person and I owe a lot for that. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  12. Charmer

    Twitter accounts?

    I'm not sure if anyone on here has Twitter accounts but I've just realised I've had one for ages and not given out my Twitter to anyone So please come and add me on if you have an account My Twitter is: @Charmer79
  13. Charmer


  14. Charmer

    Conversational Quotes

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say, huh?