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  1. I recently heard about the new Film and Sci/Fi Museum opening later this year in Milton Keynes. Is it run by Showmasters staff or connected to Showmasters? I heard this was the case, or is that mis-information? Cheers for any help.
  2. I would love for this to happen as it'd mean some kind or normality back. However, sadly I don't see this going ahead. The government is unlikely to allow for any gatherings larger than a cinema or theatre to open until September. Also wish social distancing, which will likely still be happening them, there's no chance of staying two meters apart from everyone. Photo shoots will be non-exsistant with that rule and you won't really be able to speak to the guests that well :-( Thats not even thinking about the entry queue. I read if Heathrow did social distancing for every aircraft then each queue would be over a mile long! That's just a couple of hundred people. Change that to a queue with a few thousand as LFCC would have, you're looking at an entry queue that would have to be almost 10miles long! That all said, I would likely still come along if it does go on as I'm a massive fan of Showmasters and love your events. I'm just not that optimistic. A suggestion though, if it didn't go head, perhaps you could do some kind of behind closed doors event? Have some guests come along and do signings for postal orders only. You could maybe have some online Q&A's with each guest through the weekend and people could pay something to tune in.
  3. What dates is this expected to be?
  4. I think Collectormania used to do them and maybe the very early LFCC's. I know I won an item or two. I think one was a poster for a French (??) Showmasters con signed by all 8 guests who attended and I got it for £40! Will have to dig it out and take a photo.
  5. Thankfully I got everything I wanted :-) Out of the bigger guests, I'd already met Carrie Anne Moss at another Con, as well as John Barrowman. I wasn't fussed with Brendon Frasier and I thought Jason Momoa was way over priced. £20-30 lower and it would have been a maybe.
  6. This app came in very handy though the weekend, thanks for creating it. Just a few little bugs here and there for me, the main one being when I deleted someone from my schedule as I'd had the photoshoot or something, it would close the app...but that's just a slight niggle. Also, will the app automatically update as each new LFCC comes around (eg: the winter one)? Or would we need to download a new version? And are the plans for them to be introduced for all cons or this one be expanded on?
  7. I found his talk very enlightening. Especially when he was on about struggling as an actor for a long time and having to sell his house. I think some fans forget that it’s only something like the top 5% of actors that get paid in £millions. Most find it hard to get by if they aren’t working for a few months or a year. I think that’s why we see bigger stars at cons now as it’s harder to make a living. We should all have more respect for them coming and if they cancel, it’s not because they didn’t want to be there.
  8. I was admiring Emilies earlier too. It’s very elegant and curly. Love the heart at the start.
  9. Who else met him? He was one of my top meets for the day. Such a lovely guy and you can’t help smile when you hear his real voice for the first time as he’s so different from his character. Other shout outs to the Arrow boys, Game of Thrones cast.
  10. Is there one this year? And where abouts?
  11. I've started doing Portrait over the last couple of years as well. Very occasionally the camera is on a stand and isn't able to but not that often. I did get told no last year in one photoshoot which I asked in and I've no idea why that would be other than to save a bit of time....though in the time it took to say no they could have turned the camera, lol.
  12. I'm planning to arrive around 8am-8:30am and have a gold pass. I think I saw something about gold and diamond passes being let into the main stage for a bit before hand? Does this mean I should be able to get my pass collected right away pretty much when I arrive with shorter queuing?
  13. I think it means Tom has to do the shoot topless, hehe!
  14. I was just wondering if anyone could let me know the best pubs/restaurants to eat out in the evening around Olympia?
  15. Kristen Bell, Shiri Appleby, Seth Green, Rose McGown, Alyssa Milano, Tom Hanks, Marc Blucas, Julian McMahn, Michelle Trachtenburg.
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