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Latest Guest Announcement - MARGOT KIDDER

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We are pleased to announce our latest guest for London Film & Comic Con Winter - Margot Kidder


Margot will be joining us both days.


Autographs and Photoshoots will be £15.






The Amityville Horror - Kathy Lutz


Superman I - 4 - Lois Lane


Here's a link to her IMDB for further information:


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Margot was great in another, rather obscure horror film from the 70's


The Reincarnation of Peter Proud


A brilliant film if you can find it :smile:


Awesome film! Great choice! :-)

And also the original Black Christmas. Man, I love those 70s horrors


I love original Black Christmas, already dug out my copy for Margot to sign....not that I'm eager or anything ;-)

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