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  1. I would love to meet Lynda Carter Lysette Anthony Miranda Otto Drew Barrymore Ashley Judd
  2. Photos with; Alicia Witt, Sarah Douglas, Pamela Anderson, Veronica Cartwright, Tom Skeritt, Tricia Helfer Alyson Hannigan, Missi Pyle, Michelle Harrison, Emily Kinney, Adrienne King, Jessica Henwick and Benedict Cumberbatch Autographs with; Pamela Anderson Gutted I wasnt able to meet John Cleese and Valene Kane because I couldnt attend Saturday Would love for both to be invited back and also for Natalie Dormer whose photoshoot was sold out on Sunday.
  3. Thanks QS, I must say this is the best LFCC I have attended. Keep up the great work. Its much appreciated!
  4. Gillian Anderson David Duchovny Gregor Fisher (Rab C Nesbitt) Elaine Smith (Mary Doll) Mary Stuart Masterson Lea Thompson Margot Kidder Erika Eleniak Molly Ringwald Phoebe Cates Sarah Polley Steven Seagal Charmed Reunion V Cast Twin Peaks Cast Paul Rudd Jason Segal Seth Rogan Elizabeth Banks
  5. I had a photo-shoot with Adrienne King on Friday but that overran as Adrienne told the crew she needed to use the toilet. As a result the crew decided to put Andrew Grays photo-shoot ahead of Adrienne's instead. This meant I missed Michelle Harrison's photo-shoot next door in Photo Area A as a result. I was in the first 3 people for Adrienne's Photo-Shoot and felt I would be out of there before Michelle Harrison had finished hence why I stayed put and why I didn't highlight this with Photo-shoot A crew. Thankfully I was able to get a refund (after 4 attempts at unsuccessfully queuing at the sales desk through the course of Friday between other photo-shoots). The crew had to radio into the relevant people to get an idea of what times the photo shoots went off. Thankfully my story of events was corroborated. I used the refund to purchase a Michelle Harrison photo shoot on Sunday Other than that I had no problems with any of my other photo shoots on Friday and Sunday (I didn't attend on Saturday). The above is where the schedule goes out of the window.
  6. My highlight from the weekend was meeting Pamela Anderson as I have been a long time fan of hers since her Baywatch days. I decided on Friday on getting 3 Playboy magazines signed (1989, 1990 and 1996) Thanks to the crew at her queue on Friday who checked with Pamela early on when she had arrived for her signing. I think I was one of the first people to have their playboy magazines signed on Friday. A bit nerve wracking to say the least and glad I brought them with me in the end. The meet was excellent. Though I forgot my senses in Pam's presence. Out of habit I put my hand out to shake Pamela's hand and Pamela thankfully kindly reciprocated. I smiled when Pamela lightheartedly needed to explain to the crew that one of my magazines (1990) was the centerfold edition and that she doesn't know why they don't have her appear on the cover. As it wasnt obvious that this edition contained Pamela in it. The 1989 edition only contained Pam on the cover only and is my favourite Playboy cover of hers. I got one of my own 8 x 10 glamour photo's (non nude) and photoshoot photo signed and personalised later on in the day. Pamela thanked me on complementing her on the great humanitarian and activist work she is doing. I would love to see Pamela back again. Thank you Pamela. One of the kindest guests I have had the pleasure to meet.
  7. Great announcement and dream come true. Been wanting to meet Pamela for ages. Love Pamela in Baywatch. Any chance of Erika Eleniak? Diamond pass bought. Well done Showmasters!
  8. Linda Blair (Photo and Auto) Jessica Henwick (Photo) Adrienne King (Photo) Margot Kidder (Photo and Auto) Sarah Douglas (Photo) Emily Kinney (Photo) Kirsty Alley (Photo and Auto) Valene Kane (Photo and Auto) Hoping to add Veronica Cartwright, Zoe Wanamaker, Missi Pyle, Tricia Helfer, Tom Skeritt, John Cleese Photo's in the next month
  9. Looking forward to meeting Valene. I really liked her in the excellent BBC Three drama Thirteen last year. Valene was excellent in that Another photo shoot for me
  10. This announcement has really made my day. Big fan of Cheers and loved Kirstie also in the fun 80's movie Summer School Photo shoot booked
  11. Excellent announcement. Been wanting to meet Linda for a long time. Really pleased
  12. Really happy Richard is back. Looking to get his autograph this time as had a photo shoot last time. He was really appreciative when I called him Legend, which he is Great guest!
  13. Christian Slater Faye Grant (V) Marc Singer (V) Sarah Polley (My Life Without Me) Mary Stuart Masterson (Some Kind Of Wonderful) Diane Franklin Molly Ringwald Andrew McCarthy James Spade Rob Lowe Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl, My Chaueffuer, April Fools Day) Winona Ryder Lori Loughlin (Secret Admirer) Alicia Silverstone Christina Applegate Alyssa Milano Phoebe Cates Betsy Russell Drew Barrymore Ashlie Judd Diane Lane Ryan Reynolds Rachel Weiss Any guests from Cheers, Twin Peaks
  14. Rachael Stirling Keeley Hawes Hugh Grant Rachel Weisz Lindsay Lohan Alyssa Milano Melissa Joan Hart Elizabeth Hurley Rosamund Pike Kate Winslet Kate Beckinsale Emma Thompson Emma Watson Felicity Jones Natalie Dormer Gillian Anderson Sarah Alexander
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