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  1. ooooooooo A joint photo with Clare too would be excellent. But yeah, getting him to the other events would be equally awesome
  2. Tempted to add him to Steven Knight on this: Still yet to watch Peaky Blinders actually! Well I watched the first episode was quite good just for some reason never managed to fit it in! lol I love it (helps that I live in Birmingham haha) - season 2 got even better. Hopefully going to get tickets to the 3rd series premiere in a few weeks :-) Sam plays a great character too
  3. Peaky Blinders is my favourite current series, and Jurassic Park the first film I remember wow-ing me. Great!
  4. Genuinely my favourite show as a kid! Amazing , and possibly the most unexpected guest yet
  5. After the farce that was how we were dealt with for our Robert Englund Diamond Pass situation, this seems another instance where the fans, that made Showmasters events so big/popular in the first place, are screwed over
  6. Overall we just want improvements in the clarity & completeness of choices offered to those of us who forked out a lot of money on a pass that was supposed to 'guarantee' us meeting our idols.
  7. Hi, just been told that this info is incorrect so you may want to double check the wording of the email?
  8. OK well thanks for the update, just to confirm, not EVERYONE was offered either - we wouldn't lie about this when the alternative is what we would have accepted. Perhaps worth contacting user XV84 to tell him that what he heard from the e-mail is incorrect also.
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