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We are pleased to announce our latest guest




Attending Fri/Sat/Sun






Warehouse 13 (TV series)

Hugo Miller


2012 Grey's Anatomy (TV series)

Neil Sheridan


2011 Criminal Minds (TV series)

Colonel Ron Massey


Boston Legal (TV series)

Paul Lewiston


Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV series)

Mechanist / Additional Voices / Gan Jin Leader


Justice League (TV series)

Galius Zed / Guardian of Oa / Kanjar-Ro / …


Star Trek: Enterprise (TV series)



Men in Black: The Series (TV series)



1999 Chicago Hope (TV series)

Dr. Walter Kerry


1999 Inspector Gadget

Artemus Bradford



1998-1999 Poltergeist: The Legacy (TV series)

Milo Javits


1993-1999 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV series)

Odo / Curzon Dax / Douglas Pabst




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theres 4 guests that me and my friend want to meet so i dont know if i should go for one or two days, at the moment im swaying to one but i dont want to rush around and if there are more guest announcements that i want to meet (hopefully) dont want to be rushing around trying to fit them all in too one day along with talks and panels

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Shame on me, only know him via Warehouse 13 (which I am just mostly caught up with). I'll try and go say hi, his character in WH13 surely has me curious about the man lol

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