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  1. ...oh and the Winchester brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Their car would also be a good shout.
  2. Been thinking about this and my dream showmasters year (2014) would be, Sean Bean Richard Dean Anderson Marina Sirtis LeVar Burton Claudia Black Ben Browder Sir David Attenborough John Barrowman Colm Meany who are other people hoping to meet?
  3. HughesA

    10th anniversary of Farscape

    Ben and Claudia would be great guests, would also cover stargate fans too.
  4. Hi, sorry to ask what is probably a stupid question but... with guest cancellations, does this mean that other photo shoots will be brought forward to fill the gap? Cheers
  5. Is that likely to be reviewed?? Cheers
  6. Is Michael Shanks not doing a morning photo session in the morning to like Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping at previous shows????
  7. Farrell, Meaney and Siddeg for the full main cast and this event will easily be the best I've been to yet. PLEASE?
  8. HughesA


    Any more BIG guests being announced ?
  9. HughesA

    Marina Sirtis

    Any chance showmasters will be approaching Marina Sirtis to attend? Cheers
  10. HughesA

    Eric Cantona

    Can we get Eric ? Please ?
  11. HughesA

    Guest Suggestions

    Sam Jones Danny John Jules Marina Sirtis LeVar Burton Richard Dean Anderson Eric Cantona
  12. HughesA

    Latest Guest Announcment - CHRISTOPHER JUDGE

    Excellent guest. Met him last year, really funny and friendly to the people that met him.
  13. HughesA

    Elstree Empire Day II Tickets

    Hi is there a guest list for this event? Cheers