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  1. Thanks for the reply. I know other events send you a letter per ticket so this surprised me. This is only my second HW as last year I never received my reg letter so have nothing to compare to!
  2. Not that I should have to justify myself to you but I had a multi-signed item that needed his auto. As a first time signer here I couldn't risk him not coming back. If I didn't have that (and the same goes for Trucco and my BSG cast print who was no posed desk photos) I wouldn't have bothered and saved myself some money. It's not all black and white you know.
  3. Thanks for your post Jason. I will just end by saying that guest prices are for the most part reasonable at Showmasters events and I'm grateful for this. What I don't like is guests changing their mind DURING the show. It's just wrong, and it's not fair that some attendees are paying more than others for the same product.
  4. As far as I am aware this is not an American style show where guests run their own tables. If it was then it's understandable that guests can do whatever they like in terms of prices and photos, that I have absolutely no issue with. My point is that he was advertised until the day of the show to be £15 which I thought is what Showmasters had worked out with him or his agent (The guests days and prices thread was updated at 13.40 on Saturday with no mention of what was edited that I could see on a mobile device). Why did Showmasters not clarify everything with the guests before the show? And why was his price change not communicated on any social media to inform customers of a last minute change? Poor form for both the guest and Showmasters. I have heard of guests changing their prices due to guests around them charging more but this is practically unheard of at a UK show such as this. Extremely disappointed.
  5. Got my reg letter. One letter for two tickets. I got gold 29 and 30 and to be honest I expected 2 letters (what if I didn't turn up the same time as the other person I bought a ticket for etc?). Also can someone explain what the deal is with postage please. My letter arrived with a first class stamp on - how does first class postage cost £3 - it actually only cost 62p.
  6. I definitely paid £20 before 1.30 I think and was very surprised. Didn't want or have time to query it right in front of the guest but I'm definitely angry I paid more than others now. This should have been sorted out well in advance by showmasters in advance of the show. I know it's only a £5 discrepancy but that £5 was James O'Barr's autograph. Will check the time date on my camera and email showmasters because I shouldn't have had to pay for their mistake. I'm not at the show today as I got everything done yesterday.
  7. Hi guys when C Thomas was announced I was pretty happy to see he was £15. Without a second thought I didn't check his price again until I got to his desk where I find he was then £20! Obviously I wasn't going to argue this in front of him and had a nice encounter but can someone clarify that it changed. I didn't see any announcment at this change. After the meet I checked the forum and site to see it had been changed to £20. Was this a recent change because this has not happened to me before! Thanks.
  8. I'm only attending for 3 guests James O'Barr, Michael Trucco and C Thomas Howell and you now clash a James O Barr talk with Michael Trucco BSG talk. Sigh.
  9. I don't get people buying gold tickets so early. Yes if you have the money now then fine but really? I don't get why spend so much when there is only one guest announced and he's not even got an official thread yet. Why? I guess even if I was thinking about going gold I won't be able to because soon they'll all be sold out. I book for guests and don't like to spend on what I can't see as I might only be interested in a few guests - only 6 in 2014 I think. Also the price hike now include 'free' autos and photo shoots with the £10 guests. But realistically who is £10 these days? Classic Who guests and GoT, none of which I'm interested in. Why not drop the price back so people aren't wasting money on things they won't get / want / need. Anyway I'm not buying entry tickets for a while now, got DSTL, WLFCC, HW6 plus a couple of other events to sort before an event 10 months away!
  10. Amber Benson appears to be over for an even the week before. I guess it's too much to hope she'll stay for a week.
  11. Considering I already have my Hallowhedon ticket booked I know where I'll be meeting Clare. Good guest though.
  12. I guess I was lucky because when I lived at home my parents didn't care. I didn't smoke, drink, do drugs, spend money on the gym or follow any sports teams or go to much live music gigs. All of my spare cash was (and still is) spent on cons and it amused my dads work mates as they were into sci-fi and seemed impressed I'd met a load of guests. When you look at the fact that some people follow a football team around the country and spend a large amount on travel alone for that let alone the cost of matches that only last 90ish minutes or most recently that people were spending £150 for a Kate Bush ticket in London that to me seems crazy but it's each to their own and people can spend money how they like. If your parents only complain because they don't get the hobby then that will never change unfortunately because some people just don't get it. On the plus side over time some autographs will increase in price so they can be a good investment really, how about saying that!
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