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What dedications did the guests write for you?

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All the guests were great to meet at the weekend and i'm really pleased with some of the dedications they wrote for me.


Here are some of my favourite autos which contained a dedication from the weekend.


Sean Young

On a Dune 10x8 - 'Tell me of your homeworld Tony!'


Kristanna Loken

10x8 Painkiller Jane publicity shot - 'Thanks for being a fan xo'


Katee Sackhoff

On an A3 print of her 'Lara Croft style' publicity shot for season of BSG - 'To Tony, My Frakkin #1 fan'


Katee Sackhoff

On a White Noise The Light 10x8 - TRIA MERA!


Katee Sackhoff

On White BSG final season publicity poster - 'Nothin but the rain'


Andrew Robinson

On Deep Space 9 10X8 - 'Garak, a plain and simple tailor'


So, what everyones's favourites from their autographs at the weekend?

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Andrew Robinson put my name, signed it and put his character name "Scorpio" in this case.

Then I got "Big love, Sean Pertwee" and "thank you so much for lookin' after me today. All my love, Aidan Turner." They were the only autos I got all weekend. I'm still gutted I couldn't afford William B Davies and Tom Noonan. I really hope they both come back.


Jeremy Bulloch aka Boba Fett wrote "you're next" on my boyfriends photo lol


Oh that's awesome.

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Others were regualar ones or not personalised. As I got my 'Bad Wolf' banner signed by Russell, Lenora, Paul and Lis, none of them were personalised.


Yep, I see the merits in that, got a couple of multi signed items as well over the weekend which were added to, and they too were just endorsed with autograph and character name. :D

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I had a few things signed by William B. Davis, but on my limited edition print of CSM I was so happy he wrote


"Don't try and threaten me Mulder

I've watched presidents die"

Smoking Man :D


I also got


"Mon Brave!"

Tony Marshall x


and "I'm watching" from Andrew Clover - I know he wrote some really random things lol but it was on a pic I'd already had signed by most of the cast so I was glad he didn't write anything too wierd! :D

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I only got autographs from William Shatner (who we knew wouldn't personalize) and then, Lee Townsend (who only wrote 'To Silke') and Greg Rucka. I'm still laughing when I look at Greg Rucka's signature in my copy of his novelization of No Man's Land - he wrote 'Silke - Rule the Night!!', then signed 'Best, Greg Rucka' and drew little dawdles all over the inside front cover including, but not limited to a thick underlining of where the places of the novel being published from are listed as New York/ London/ Toronto/ Sydney/ GOTHAM CITY LOL He also wrote next to the thickly underlined 'Gotham City' 'Bet you didn't see that before' and seemed to have fun scribbling stuff around the front page *grins* Fun guy! Loved him!

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I only got 3 autos over the weekend


Liz Sladen was just a signature

Russell Tovey just wrote 'love'

Dante Basco wrote 'Thanks for looking after me in London!' (as I was his assistant Sunday)

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I was quite lucky as i had one or two quotes on my pics.


Matthew Waterhouse - "now ill never know if i was right" on a pic i found and printed off as he was holding his brothers twine belt prior to his destruction.


Tom Noonan - "people want paradise" on a Robocop 2 pic


Micheal Culver - " no ship that small has a cloaking device" again on a photo i found and took with me


Sean Young - "do you like our owl"? her first line in Bladerunner


Kristanna Loken - "i like your gun" from a nice Terminator 3 pic


Lenora Crichlow - "to antony sorry" as she spelt my name wrong on the photo that i brought with me


Andrew Clover - a good dad i salute you, not a quote as far as i know but unusual all the same


i did meet a few others but that was all the 10x8s signed personalised with a quote that i had to ,join the many others that i had from many previous shows.


I am proud of my Leslie Schofield for example "shall i have your ship standing by?"

or my Peter Davison "an apple a day keeps the.. ahh"

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I didn't get many signatures either.


Katee Sackhoff - "great photo"

William B. Davis - my name and his signature

Dante Basco - "Dragon up"

Ben Browder - "it's springtime..." on my photoshoot photo (I got others, but that's the one I like best :WINCE:)

David Nykl - "great to see you again"

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