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  1. When I met Jon before I hadn't seen TWD, so will be good to talk about the show more this time!
  2. They should use the ticket sales booth at the entrance of the centre (where pay on the day people pay) up until say 30 minutes before opening time, this would work well. 1. It's a controlled environment rather than wandering about outside with replacement tickets. 2. You don't want to add to the workload of info/sales desk once show opens. 3. Would give people like Crippsy peace of mind. 4. A secure place to check that missing tickets have not been signed for and are missing.
  3. Was packing stuff ready for weekend and double checking guest days etc, noticed she was missing cos I recall looking up her price a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Catrin was on this list and now removed - is she still attending as the website is often behind the times?
  5. Tickets arrived today - seems orders from 22nd June, were not as mentioned before sent out before the final batch on Monday. Based on postmark.
  6. the 'what time are people queuing from' topic always appears before all the big events and is (just like the need to line up at stupid o'clock) a complete waste of time.
  7. Must be low pre-order sales for just 5 minute slots. Likely schedule will go out a sync on the day, so you'll probably be OK.
  8. the sorting office in my area is totally up to date (I've checked) and in any case, I've also received items from USA and Canada at weekend and today within 3 working days of being shipped, but a letter from Milton Keynes?.......no. I will use order email & ID for entry & photo ops then.
  9. Don't recall Earls Court 's air con being especially cold, with a record attendance in prospect, and the facility fairly old, it's bound to be a tad warm whilst lining up for photo ops when so many people are crammed together. Shame this isn't in the MK stadium, would of be perfect weather wise for once!
  10. Thanks for the update QS, my order was on 22nd June, so tickets must already be in transit. Something for people to be aware of, is that recorded delivery (depending on your postal area) can take a day longer than 1st class, as the recorded part can slow things down at times.
  11. I'm aware of a lot of people (myself included) who have ordered entry & photo op tickets within the last 10 days and have not yet been received. (Order confimration email and money taken checked). With an influx of orders at the last minute and many people leaving for London prior to Friday, many of us have no more than 4 'postal delivery days' left for the tickets to arrive. Entry queues will be long and potentially chaotic enough on Friday, so perhaps a clear procedure should be communicated for all of us who are unfortunate enough to have to travel without tickets that have been paid for. It would make sense to have a 'will call' style booth/point set up several hours before opening time to deal with these issues. Please advise the steps showmasters will be taking to deal with this, and please do not say join a queue inside the venue after opening, as I suspect the info desk and photo salers desk will be busy enough and this can easily be sorted out before the show starts. Thanks
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