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  1. Ooh great another Penny Dreadful guest! Although maybe not great because I'm skint...
  2. Big_Pants

    Hobbit Fanevent

    Any Hobbit fans lucky enough to have won tickets to the event in London tonight do make the effort and attend in costume, I've heard that there will be some fabulous prizes! http://www.thisisfak...t-for-november/
  3. This is actually pretty awesome, he was brilliant.
  4. Excellent. More Arsenal please!
  5. Loving all the Thrones guests! Keep it up please
  6. Big_Pants

    Latest Guest Announcement - JEAN MARSH

    What a great guest.
  7. Big_Pants

    Latest Guest Announcement - BOB WILSON

    I love Bob. Gooner for life!
  8. Big_Pants

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY IAN CUSICK

    Actually having a mini-breakdown.
  9. Big_Pants

    Latest Guest Announcement - RAMI MALEK (Benjamin)

    SNAFU!!!!!!! I love him in The Pacific.
  10. Big_Pants

    Latest Guest Announcement - ARIANA RICHARDS

    Possibly the greatest guest announcement ever.