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  1. Are we allowed to vaguely mention vague other clashing activities if this is vaguely related to the change of dates?
  2. Unfortunately, with the new Eurostar politics (tickets on sale 6 months ahead), I have no other choice than trust the organizers that they have secured the venue. In this case, I was able to come for one day (Saturday) but if I wait 6 weeks (like it is more or less the case now), I will pay double the price so it's not an option. I was still hesitating a bit about going to Collectormania next week but now it's definitely not an option anymore.
  3. Can we discuss loss of money no matter how vague the reasons for the change of dates are?
  4. OK, now I'm definitely off. I bought my Eurostar ticket to attend the event. If you cannot secure a venue months before for an event of that size, this is serious lack of professionalism. I will now only attend LFFC and nothing else anymore.
  5. One of the few guests I was interested to meet (mostly for Breaking Bad). My list goes down to maximum 5 now ... and I manage to have twice 2 conflicting shoots .... oh well I guess the event will be quiet.
  6. It's actually a very efficient way to sell tickets Just ordered mine (and others) as well
  7. Oops sorry, did not realize you were a moderator. Thanks!
  8. Could we have a clarification please? Is this really sold out? Both for Nathalie and for early bird? Usually there are a warning that tickets are limited. Why not this time?
  9. Cult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if you can have Julie Hagerty as well
  10. She was indeed very chatty. I met her in the afternoon on Saturday and she had nobody at the time so lots of time to chat with her. Very nice guest :)
  11. Well, do you really expect something? For me, that was a clear sign that there won't be anything related to this big announcement/guest.
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