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  1. If the man is up for doing random adverts in various countries, I'm sure he'd do LFCC Bruce Willis wouldn't though. He hardly wants to work on films anymore!
  2. It has an exclusive deal with another company meaning SM can't use it. Other people have suggested the O2, but I think that gets booked up to far in advance by other things. And is expensive. And for those that have been, the arena area isn't actually that big. And I don't know how much else of the place you can hire that has massive floor space. As I keep saying, this country just doesn't have the venues like the US does for this sort of event.
  3. I think multiple floors for the same things (shoots, autos etc) is better as it means large queues won't be on top of each other. It's easier to walk to and from various shoot and auto areas if they are the same level and area, but once there it would of been a total mash of people. EC last year had stuff closer together and we all know how that panned out. SM know what they are doing, trust in them
  4. You can use your pass to do stuff on the Saturday. But you can not use your pass to access the venue Friday or Sunday. You need an entry ticket for a day whether you have a diamond pass or not.
  5. Exactly this. I would say, based on what I've seen happen at cons, that kids are way more put off and put out by things like the Predator and Alien cosplayers. Hell, even ones like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, I've seen kids hide behind their parents from them. As always, it's just about explaining to your kids that it's all make-believe and for fun, they are just people. I highly doubt you'll get 'mummy I don't like it' reactions from kids because they saw a cosplayer's thigh.
  6. It depends how you feel about the looks though. Basically it comes down to this: People who cosplay at cons are able to do it because they feel safe and secure at a place like a con. It's full of like-minded people and people who know who you are cosplaying and enjoy it. And it can take a LOT of confidence that you may not have in your regular life to do it. But you do because it's fun and because you feel that it's a safe place to do it. No matter what you're wearing for the costume. It took me a LONG time to do any sort of cosplay at events, as I always felt too shy about it. But it helped build my confidence. But if you then get comments/looks/out and out harassment when doing it, it doesn't make you feel like it's a safe place and you may even not want to return. These events are supposed to be BETTER than how society normally treats people who dress 'differently'. A great, friendly atmosphere where you can be yourself way more than you can in your everyday life. And if that involves dressing in certain way, you shouldn't have to deal with responses like you would on the street or wherever. That's all I'm saying. And the faster attitudes change the better :)
  7. I think the mean on where everything is going to be/fit Not that they don't have things sorted for which halls they've hired.
  8. The number of the shoot isn't the batches. Shoot 1, as stated at the top of the original post, could included up to batch 3 or 4. So batches 1 and 2 are pretty much always going to be in the same shoot section.
  9. Posting from Too Tall's original post so people further down can see, as it seems to be the biggest question being asked: "Roughly one batch takes 10-15 minutes. So if you wish to know if you'll be called in the morning or the afternoon, that's a simple calculation. 45 minute morning shoot means 3 to 4 batch will be called, 60 minute shoot means 4 to 6 batches will be called. This is just a rough estimate."
  10. Exactly, and why it works well. New people aside, you know the bigger guests will give out VQ tickets faster, and so you go to them first in the morning. And not everyone want's certain guests, so despite someone being very very busy, it is still spread out among all the guests. It's why I think having multiple big guests (which some people have complained about) works, because not everyone wants them all. So yes, they are hugely busy, but not EVERYONE at the con wants every one of those guests.
  11. Ugh, but that is exactly the point of articles and movements like this, to STOP it being the norm that "you have flesh out, you get looked at/harassed" It is what happens, but it isn't what should happen. And that's why people are now fighting it and larger cons are putting up signs about it. Which is a great step forward. The only thing that will stop it progressing are people who just think "well it's going to happen so you can't stop it".
  12. I was talking about the original poster's idea. If they gave VQ tickets out that counted for all guests as you walked in, then only the first 1000/1500 max people would be able to get any autos. Which is why it's a terrible idea. Luckily the system isn't like that, and they barely get above 1000 in the VQ numbers per guest, so you can turn up pretty late and still get a chance to see who you want (but with busier guests obviously it'll be harder)
  13. Yeah on of the very few changes I'd really like SM to make is getting tensa barriers for the shoot area queues. It just makes sense. I recently worked at a cinema and we had to use them sometimes, and we weren't getting anywhere near the numbers of people SM do.
  14. Yeah with the event getting into the high 10s of thousands of attendees now, if you arn't in the first 1000 that get in you won't be getting an auto form anyone with a VQ. Even if you turn up late at the moment (I wandered in at about 10:30 last year) you won't get a stupidly high number like that for a guest, even the busy ones. There is pretty much nothing wrong with the current system. It SEEMS confusing to new people, but once you do it it becomes second nature.
  15. Saturday won't be as bad as last time, but to each their own. But yeah, missing out on saturday/sunday will mean you'll always miss out on a guest or two. Most major guests can only do the weekend days or even just one of them, Friday will get bigger and bigger each year the rate it's going.
  16. This year is the first time it isn't really a 'preview' day. It's just less hours. Pretty much the same stuff as the other days though.
  17. Yeah a lot of people I know who encounter issues like this end up saying/doing nothing as they are so scared and/or angry that they just freeze up. It should definitely be called out way more. People might get the message then.
  18. Nope, still doesn't excuse it. No matter how many caveats you put in your posts, it still sounds too much like "if you wear x, you're going to get y". It should only be "If you wear x, PEOPLE SHOULD LEARN TO CONTROL THEMSELVES". Hands, eyes, words. All of it. Learn to be a respectful human around people, no matter their current state of dress. To use your example, just because someone is dressed as the classic Power Girl, doesn't mean they need to accept cleavage stares or comments or anything. People can learn to not stare and look. There's a whole person and costume to look at. End of.
  19. As people have already said though, eBay and paypal and such would legally take the seller's side. So nobody bid and not pay You'll be the one in trouble/being forced to fork out.
  20. I'd say that's true for non-revealing costumes too. As a guy I've not worn anything skimpy (yet) for a costume and even I've had comments/looks on public transport. But within a con? You should be able to feel 100% comfortable being yourself and doing what you love. That's the whole point of cons! For us like-minded people to feel at home.
  21. So half/under half last years attendence? I think people would be happy with your numbers for a saturday (except SM of course lol) It will be less than last year, as last year had thousands show up on the day. And I think in a forum post after the event Jason said Saturday got to around 70/80,000?
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