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  1. Yesterday it was the time of angels Geronimo.....
  2. Or you get your tickets early to ensure that you can get in only to find out then that it was a total waste of time as most if not all the people you wanted have pulled out.... And as i cant be in two places at the same time i am committed. Having said that as my tickets haven't arrived yet as i ordered before the ticket ordering system was ( down) graded i assume they will be physically sent out to me?
  3. We probably would get replacement guests but then on the Thursday or Friday before the show they would cancel as well. I spent £45 on early bird tickets for nothing now.totally gutted still as per nothing can be done about it. Perhaps this is why sm urge everyone to get early bird tickets then that way sm have our money so it makes no difference if guests turn up or not.
  4. Hi yes sorry I meant to say do you need to pay for your ticket in advance for the Friday? as I am going for the Friday only and I will be a tad upset if I have had a wasted journey....
  5. Never mind all that what i want to know is do you need a ticket for Friday?
  6. entirely up to you of course but as far as genuine vintage posters are concerned i wouldn't get them signed at all.
  7. Hi looking at the guests list I have come to the total of SIX which may seem ok to some but I was wondering if anymore are coming? in one way its good that I am in single figures due to budgetry constraints but then on the other hand as I have forked out £45 nearly £50 just to get into the venue, to get something for my money would be nice. But six is better than nothing as even though this show is more local to me I must admit initially it was not down on my schedule due to the guest list. And before anyone says well you paid your entry tickets fee you get out of it what you put in, well as I have said before on many times, I only go to these shows for autographs and dealers area NOTHING ELSE. Cheers.
  8. James Marsters Nathan McCullen Dan Starkey that is all.......
  9. all very well assuming you got a printer in which to get your tickets, or you run out of ink at the most pedantic moment. And we still get to pay £2.50 for something we can print at home? assuming we have a printer or a means in doing it? yeah good move but no doubt this post will be removed and or others on here will belittle me for coming out with the what I assume to be obvious.....
  10. as its in small grey lettering identifying what post is for what topic /show is not that blatantly obvious unless im doing it wrong.......
  11. well i am relieved as it means i have saved £45 and a load of people will be wanting him making my life easier on the other guests:)
  12. As long as its someone we can afford and none of this diamond pass nonsense ill be happy. A big guest yes but lets ALL get a chance to meet him/ her yeah not just the selective few with wallets like the grand canyon
  13. Well tbh I hope it is him as I still need a few of him on my items. Only four or five:) unless it is of course his predecessor:) which would be fantastic. I can imagine the complaints form LOTR and GOT and TWD fans now......
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