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  1. Robert was lovely!! He really was! We actually have a friend in common, so I went over to talk to him about that which made for a really interesting chat! Stretched the finances just about to get a photo shoot and auto with him which made my day (and made my friend jealous), just a shame I couldn't afford to get Dee and Caprice (although I spent a while Saturday chatting to Caprice). Would love to see them back over here again sometime!
  2. Lis Sladen for me I knew she did lots of events, and I had no money at the time - my reaction was "Oh, she'll be at another one" Never happened!
  3. I was her Guest Assistant at EMS and yes, she was doing over the table photo shoots. Can't say if she will this time, but last time she was more than happy! As am I now!!
  4. Kai is just fab! Now ............... I wonder if he's bringing his screen wife with him *whistles*
  5. Fab! I will get him this time - finances were against me last time!
  6. That happened to me too. Then a friend helped me out and ordered it for me, and she's now also had a 'cancelled' email. Something weird going on!
  7. It's one of the Gold Medal Olympians from Ghana with a seriously long name
  8. Gaaaagggghhhhh!! I'm not normally bothered by these 'guest announcement' posts lol, but even I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs! lol
  9. And you still didn't say hi to me lol I was looking after her Saturday too
  10. I'll agree with Talie there - Saturday is definitely the busiest day. I love doing the Glasgow show as I find it really chilled out, laid back and a slight 'break' from our normal shows of Milton Keynes, LFCC etc. And I have to say I absoutely LOVED looking after Sarah Douglas on the Saturday - that job totally rocked!
  11. I'll be travelling up! Not entirely sure how yet, but thinking of pushing the boat out and flying this year! Excellent guest too!
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