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  1. They didn't specifically film anyone without permission, and were only really there to do some context/background filming of Stacey, Chiquitita and I. They asked for permission from SM before hand and were granted it.
  2. I was one of the cosplay guests... and we had an area to ourselves with tables at the back of the hall near the cosplay stage. When we weren't on the stage, or on breaks, we were all there the vast majority of the time, or we spent time wandering the con floor to interact. There was a circle of around 8 tables which had SCG, Artyfakes and the rest of us there as our base. As AnimeLeague have said it was an experiment, so lots has been learnt to apply to next time I'm sure. After our armour and props panel on Sunday I had lots of people coming up to me at the table area asking further questions that they may not have felt comfortable asking in front of a large group in the panel itself. I found this really encouraging, as as I was wearing my Worbla armour that I spoke about I was pretty easy to spot and ask questions too :) In anycase, LFCC was amazing. Thank you to everyone that came to our panels and to see us, I hope we sufficiently answered your questions
  3. That would be the always lovely Fairy Porch Queen. Here is her cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/FairyPorchQueenCosplay?fref=ts
  4. Not that it really matters, but I was contacted by Jess, the woman who created this thread. She is the cosplay coordinator. :)
  5. I was X-23 on Friday, Blondie (Sucker Punch) on Saturday and Elektra on Sunday :)
  6. As someone that typically cosplays Amy Pond (but had my hopes set on a Hunger Games group on the stage, that was originally promised to us) can I just say that 60+ is kinda ridiculous... even the Whovians don't get that anymore, and they're BY FAR the biggest group that tends to turn up. I'm so confused by this. :/
  7. Oh that's a shame, but unavoidable. I bought my shoot yesterday, how typical! Hehe. Hope to see her at another event at some point.
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. YES. Showmasters I LOVE YOU. Met her at LFCC last year, but she is amazing and this means I get to have a photo with her in my armourrrrrrrr. Happy, happy cosplayer. *bounces around*
  9. QUOTE(BeatrixKiddo88 @ Apr 17 2012, 02:40 PM) 1722220[/snapback] If I can affford the stuff before the event, I'll now be Ellis from L4D2 one of the days (probably the saturday) Also Male!Amy on friday night. Sunday not decided yet, probs just 11th Doctor or something. Yay Male!Amy... though gotta work out how to make you temporarily ginger... xD I shall be Female!Doctor on Friday, arena Foxface on Saturday.
  10. I shall be Foxface (The Hunger Games) on Saturday. Not sure on the other days yet though, dependant on time and money. :)
  11. My current plans include a Siren from TRON: Legacy, Poison Ivy and X-23. But I change my mind every other day, so we'll see. xD
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