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  1. If we have a saturday photoshoot, is it possible to upgrade this to a Sunday diamond pass?
  2. I actually think this year was SO SO SO much better than the previous too, Organised better and the staff seemed to be a lot more clued in (mostly) on where things were, and how it worked. The only 3 things i can think of that i think need some work are... 1) - I saw A LOT of people getting into the event for free (bragging on facebook about it too) because a lot of the time, wristbands and tickets weren't checked/or scanned. 2) - I only once all weekend had the number on my VQ ticket checked then taken off me, the rest of them, i could have easily have walked up at any point and got the
  3. Any chance of some photos from Love, Nina will be available to get signed?
  4. Can we have a scream tv series guest as a replacement?
  5. Guests from; Scream tv series Harry Potter The 100 The Hunger Games Lost Girl (Anna!)
  6. Hoping his track record of cancelling doesnt happen because YAAAAAAAAAAAY so happy he is announced.
  7. Alycia Debnam Carey Eliza Taylor Seth Green Eliza Dushku Summer Glu Paige Turco Henry Ian Cusick Gale Harold Randy Harrison Bob Morley wentworth Miller Sarah Wayne Callis Dan Rad Emma Watson Maggie Smith Jason Issacs
  8. Jeff Cohen Corey Feldman Eliza Dushku David boreaned SMG Seth Green Jennifer Lawrence Harry Potter, Buffy, Charmed, HTGAWM guest
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