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  1. hippynicola

    Attendee Twitter Accounts

    @helloitsnicola ..yeah, it's Nicola! ;D
  2. hippynicola

    Party Themes Announced

    Super news! Can't wait for this con now!!
  3. hippynicola

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM LENK

    THIS IS THE GREATEST. ARRGGHH. My friend Joey is gonna flip.
  4. hippynicola

    Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

  5. hippynicola

    MASSIVE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - Weds 27th Feb at 6pm

  6. hippynicola

    Hallowhedon to remain just for Joss Whedon Shows

    Super glad to hear this news. :)
  7. hippynicola

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMY ACKER

    FLIPPING OUTTTT. Best news ever! Amyamyamy<3
  8. hippynicola

    Latest guest announcement - JENNA-LOUISE COLEMAN

    I found out I have the time off work, and I am super excited now. Cannot wait to meet Jenna!
  9. hippynicola

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAN STARKEY

    Dan is a brilliant guy! Super great guest!
  10. hippynicola

    Ticket numbers

    Gold 26!!!! TOO EXCITED NOW.
  11. hippynicola

    Friday Meet Up..

    I can't wait for this! Super excited. :)
  12. hippynicola

    Guest Suggestions

    Fran would be perfect, or just any Dollhouse guest to make it to 5 guests for HW.
  13. SO HAPPY SO HAPPY Thank you so much!!!!!!
  14. hippynicola

    ok a big guest day tomorrow ?

    Interesting stuff!! Fingers crossed it all works out!