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  1. I'd like to think there'll be a Red Dead trio photo op added at some point!
  2. Can we get some confirmation on Paul's role as Edrio Two Tubes? As I can only see online that the character was played by another actor. But if Paul did play Two Tubes, I'd love to chat to him about it! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  3. Perhaps it could be a case of Carlos and John will be located near the shoot and asked to join if the shot if someone wants them included? Ta, Che-Snake
  4. As long as we're not charged for the app! 👍 Ta, Che-Snake :)
  5. So realistically Sigourney isn't going to be signing until the second half of the day? That doesn't give me (a non diamond pass holder) much confidence of getting an auto :/ Ta, Che-Snake :)
  6. C'mon then forumees, what are y'all gonna get signed and by whom? :) Feel free to share your planned photoshoot poses too! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  7. Oh no way! So as well as being a stuntman, he actually played Weirboski? He's not just the stunt double? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  8. Hello again forumees! Just a quick question, has anyone ever got a canvas print signed by a guest? I'm considering getting one from Sigourney Weaver, but I'm not sure the way to go about it. As in, does the ink respond well to the canvas, and will it fade more so than a picture? And if the canvas should already be stretched over a frame or be signed pre-mounting for travel. Quite specific, I know but hopefully someone can help! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  9. As long as they can cater for the amount of people attending. Last year we were told after going outside for a fresh air break that we weren't allowed to re-enter until some people had left the building because it was at capacity. Luckily we were vendors but I was still peeved. If I have photo shoots and entry booked, I'm getting back in that hall! Ta, Che-Snake
  10. Thanks to this announcement I had my girlfriend sending me about 20 texts whilst I was at work thanks SM! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  11. Nice! Is this the first time Bill has done a convention in this manner? As in you can pay for an autograph and photo not as part of a promotion? Ta, Che-Snake :) P.S Game Over Man!
  12. Can someone post a picture of what the pass looks like? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  13. Can someone post a picture of what the pass looks like? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  14. Yes it is me :) eBay is great for advertising purposes! And I totally agree. I am awaiting to hear back from someone tomorrow, of which will be buy in person deal of 87.50, the price of which I paid. And although many people won't believe me, but I explained this to someone else who was interested, and they offered me £100 and I turned it down, as I'd rather sell it to a fan at the price I paid so someone else gets the experience. And unfortunately unless they check the name on the ticket and ask for ID for every ticket, dealers will always get away with it :/ Ta, Che-Snake :)
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