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  1. Thanks again all, I've been checking but still no Nick Frost, Robbie Coltrane, Ernie Hudson or Ben Browder sadly...
  2. Ta all. Any idea when do they usually upload the rest of the guests please? Again aware it's not usual circumstances but hate to miss it..
  3. Hi all, With some of us with asthma and on immunosurpressants it would be great if the pre-orders can feature more stars this year please. I'd love to be able to send an item/ select a photo for the following people to sign without having to risk attending this year: Nick Frost, Robbie Coltrane, Ernie Hudson and Ben Browder. Cheers for considering this request!
  4. I'm writing this under the rain from the queue outside. And no not my first queue of the day either. You stay for 20 min for dimond passes only to be told ...no you need to go outside and sit in the rain. Not ok...especially when there is an empty dry hall on entry.
  5. Guess now its a bit too late but Jodie Whittaker and Peter Capaldi please.
  6. Oh yes Simon Pegg, Billie Piper and Catherine Tate would be amazing! Now stick Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Jodie Whittaker on there and I'd be chuffed. Any chance Capaldi n Whittaker can be invited for the new winter one at least pretty please?
  7. Thank you all. Yes something shorthand :)
  8. Hi all, When will the dimond passes be avaliabile to collect this week? Also my partner walks with a cane, will he be able to go through without waiting in line please? Do we need to apply for smth beforehand? Thank you.
  9. So what are the genuine chances Capaldi willl actually come two years in a row?
  10. Awh too bad...but Capaldi/Tenant would at least be amazing with emphasis on the Capaldi :) And of course my original suggestion - Michelle Gomez and Jodie Whittaker. Bill Nighy, Bill Murray and Diana Rigg would be pretty awesome if they do cons at all too.
  11. Gillian Andreson and Peter Capaldi/David Tenant(as lots of us didn't manage to get to them last year please)
  12. I am chuffed I got a diamond but thought it would be a standart photo included and that is apperantly sold out after several hours of refreshing. How about you add him to the Group photo as a bonus perhaps? :) Cheeky request but would be nice for those of us spending thousands of pounds with you this year.
  13. Wow thank you! Got it. Bit expensive but need to get DW out of my system heh
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