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  1. Ooooh yes please. I know he was due to attend LFCC a few years ago and had to cancel, so that would be awesome
  2. Presumably if we picked up our Diamond passes for last year's event, we just bring them this time, and will still apply?
  3. Pictured is Michael Cochrane, Martin's brother,who has also been in Sharpe and Doctor Who. So to clarify is Michael or Martin attending?
  4. Am I having another senior moment or is Suzanne missing off the Eventbrite photoshoot ticket page?
  5. I'm clearly having a senior moment as he's only doing autographs. I feel a right Charlie lol
  6. Can I ask if Angus Wright can be added to the photo schedule for Sunday please? Thanks in advance
  7. Like so many have said, is there anyway to get a mark on the guests listed as who have already confirmed for definite attendance next month please? It would be most helpful for us to plan our weekend if we know who has reconfirmed appearing at the event.
  8. Can I ask are the refund vouchers sent by email or to Eventbrite? I only ask as currently I have yet to receive one. Thanks in advance
  9. If it's who I think it is, I should have a business card from a previous event. They do amazing work
  10. Can anyone post a copy of the revised photo schedule for tomorrow please?
  11. Also Brenock O'Connor is missing from Sundays schedule
  12. To Jason and all at Showmasters Many thanks for another truly amazing year of events. So many treasured memories. I just want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to 2020 and what's in store SHP
  13. As we have few guests over the next two events from "The Living Daylights", one thought a good addition would be Paul Weston
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