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  1. Aliens Photo Ops on sale now

    I concur. This opportunity should have been given to those of us who attended Sheffield event
  2. On the Day Tickets

    Most kind and thank you for the information
  3. On the Day Tickets

    Sorry to be a pain but do we know if there will be 9am entry tickets available or standard entry at 11am?
  4. On the Day Tickets

    Can one assume that these are still available tomorrow?
  5. Is it me or is Paul Darrow missing from Saturday's photo shoot schedule?
  6. Greetings one and all, after having such a blast at the recent London event, I am looking forward to the Sheffield event. Having seen my wonderful group photo shoot with Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright and Roy Scammell, I was wondering if there was a possibility of the same being done with the wonderful cast members you have assembled from "Aliens"? Pretty please, with sugar on top, and all that jazz. I would be a very happy xenomorph fan
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL WESTON

    Sadly he has cancelled
  8. Hope Jason, mods and the crew read this.

    Well Done Showmasters, it was a great show last year, but you listened to the feedback and the difference it has made by having the signing and photoshoot areas all on one floor was huge. A massive thumbs up for that. So many great guests, and memories. But I have to say it was a great honour meeting Keith David and the legend Rutger Hauer. Thanks again for a truly awesome weekend, and roll on 2017.
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - FAYE MARSAY

    Fingers crossed for more photoshoots with Faye
  10. Checking On Guest Talks

    Good evening one and all, just wanted to check, as I have a photo clash with the start of Rutger Hauer's talk, are attendees allowed entrance into the Talk Area once the talk has commenced, should the attendee be running a tad late due to a clash?
  11. Yes you will. Thanks Wrong Name, for such a prompt response
  12. I am a tad confused, but if someone can answer this question, I will be eternally grateful... I have a Gold Pass, and also a few Diamond Passes for both Saturday & Sunday. My plan is to attend for a few hours on Friday, to get a feel of the layout of the venue etc. Will I be able to pick up all my Diamond passes on Friday so I am all prepared and ready to rock n roll? Most sincerest thanks SHP
  13. Guest Suggestions

    There are two names I would love to see added to a London event, they being Kurt Russell, and one that I am amazed has never been added, and that is Timothy Dalton.
  14. I know what you mean. I have been debating whether to go standard or Gold. Last year I had 26 photo-shoots over Saturday and Sunday, and I only just managed getting them all, and that was down to having the Gold Pass. Currently I have only 14 for this year, so I'm still unsure what to do. But the peace of mind factor is starting to sway me towards Gold....
  15. Hi there I know that events are happening thick and fast at the mo for Showmasters, but I emailed couple of weeks ago re the above. Although Darren was in attendance on Sunday, he did not make it to his photo-shoot as he had to leave early for filming commitments, and as of yet I have not received a refund. If this can be sorted, would be much appreciated