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  1. Morning all, I've received my replacement tickets for Graham McTavish and Michael Ironside but not Iain de Caestecker, can I ask have you received yours for Iain yet? I've emailed but no reply yet
  2. As Royce cancelled, do we know yet whether he is being rescheduled or whether vouchers will be issued? Thanks in advance
  3. I had that happen with Garrick Hagon. Went to buy photoshoot on Eventbrite yesterday. He'd disappeared. But he attended today and did do photoshoot. So hopefully you'll be ok. Alas the queue was to long as Sales desk for me to buy a ticket. C'est la vie
  4. Yes, she has been rescheduled to next year's event
  5. Yes thanks. I eventually saw where to put code. It only allows you to order one item, so presumably I will get a further code for the remaining balance?
  6. I've received my voucher in regards to Robbie Coltrane, but when I try to place an order, I cannot see anywhere to place a promo code. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help given
  7. I was on foghorn duty, there were so many people at the studio, people at the back could not hear the stewards, so I acted as a relay. It was good fun.
  8. Pity about Brian Cox,but he is a very in demand Actor
  9. Real thrill meeting Martin today. Such a gent. We had a wonderful chat. So many great guests
  10. Ooooh yes please. I know he was due to attend LFCC a few years ago and had to cancel, so that would be awesome
  11. Pictured is Michael Cochrane, Martin's brother,who has also been in Sharpe and Doctor Who. So to clarify is Michael or Martin attending?
  12. Am I having another senior moment or is Suzanne missing off the Eventbrite photoshoot ticket page?
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