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  1. Can I ask are the refund vouchers sent by email or to Eventbrite? I only ask as currently I have yet to receive one. Thanks in advance
  2. If it's who I think it is, I should have a business card from a previous event. They do amazing work
  3. Can anyone post a copy of the revised photo schedule for tomorrow please?
  4. Also Brenock O'Connor is missing from Sundays schedule
  5. To Jason and all at Showmasters Many thanks for another truly amazing year of events. So many treasured memories. I just want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to 2020 and what's in store SHP
  6. As we have few guests over the next two events from "The Living Daylights", one thought a good addition would be Paul Weston
  7. As ever the Crew were outstanding, helpful & friendly. A very special mention to Emma (the pit Boss) and blue shirt Bethan who were overseeing Photo Studio C with Brendan Fraser. Thanks to them I got the very last train home....I cannot thank you enough
  8. I have not seen Ian in much tbh, but boy is he good looking. He walked past me as he made his way to the photo studio on Sunday, I smiled at him, and he winked at me. If I had died right there, I would have died happy.
  9. As well as me, I know one person who loved the Bartlet notebook, and that was Martin Sheen, because we used it in my Oval Office photosoot. He said it was a brilliant idea, and he loved it.
  10. Having been to many Showmaster events I've met many stars of Film & Television. But one has really stood out. I've been pondering how to describe my thoughts on my encounters with him this weekend....hence the forum post title. With the way he was with each and every person he met you would think he was a Convention veteran despite it being his first EVER appearance world-wide. He exudes class, style, humility, wit and charm the level of I've never seen by anyone I've met before. I will never EVER forget my meeting with Martin Sheen and I cannot thank the Showmasters team enough
  11. I did not think you could top the May event.....But I was wrong. Again a great selection of guests from varied areas of film and television. What an honour to meet the legend Frank Williams. We had a nice chat about "You Rang M'Lord" Thanks to all for a great day.
  12. Had an amazing time on Sunday at The London Film Fair. A wonderful intimate event, great guests with fascinating and at times hilarious stories to tell. It was great to have a good chat with these interesting story tellers. Also a big shout-out to Abigail & her bearded compadre at the Photo Booth...outstanding work, despite my substandard half way change of clothes (they know what I mean !!) Thanks to everyone involved...my first time at this event but definitely not my last
  13. Yes, he's on the schedule but as far as I can see he is not listed on the Event Brite website to buy the photo shoot voucher
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