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  1. Thanks. I know that this has been the case previously.
  2. Thanks for this. Do guests still allow photos at the table? Only ask as 3 of the people I want to see have photoshoot times fairly close together, but the other one is 1½ hours later, and I’m not sure I can wait around that long, so would take one at the table if possible?
  3. Is there a list of Photoshoot times for this coming Sunday’s event? Thanks.
  4. Mads Mikkelsen has been at previous shows so there’s no reason why he won’t be at another one.
  5. Have just tried this morning and it’s now working. So it looks like there’s a 24 hour delay between the voucher being issued and the Eventbrite system accepting it.
  6. Tried the balance check again and it worked, but when I went to buy a ticket, it’s still telling me my promo code is invalid. Will try again tomorrow
  7. Definitely got the code right. Even copied and pasted it. Also tried the balance check and the system errored.
  8. Today, I received a refund voucher for the day and guest I can’t make any more. So I’ve now gone into the Eventbrite site to purchase new tickets for another day but when I enter my promo code, it’s telling me my code isn’t valid. Is there are delay between Showmasters issuing the refund vouchers and Eventbrite’s site accepting them?
  9. OK, so I’ve had a reply back. I’m going to be receiving vouchers for the Friday I can’t make and also the Photoshoot I purchased for Friday. Any idea how long it takes, once confirmed, for the vouchers to arrive? I don’t want to wait ages, only to find out that the Sunday tickets are no longer available.
  10. I emailed them last Wednesday (shop@showmastersevents.com) and haven’t heard anything back yet. I know that they’re meant to be busy, but I haven’t even received an acknowledgement of my email or anything to say they are busy but will answer me when they can. Anyone know how long I should wait, or if there’s an alternative way of contacting them?
  11. Thanks. have emailed them so now await their reply
  12. A few questions. I’ve got photoshoot tickets for Natalia Tena for the original Friday. I’m not not able to make the rearranged Friday but can still do the Saturday. Would my photoshoot ticket still be valid for Saturday’s photoshoots? Secondly. I purchased a Diamond Pass for Brian Blessed for the original Winter event. Would I be correct in assuming that this will still be valid for the new rearranged show? Finally. As I can’t now go on the Friday, can I cancel this ticket and replace it with a Sunday Entry, which is the only day that Brian Blessed is now doing? If so, who do I contact to arrange this? Thanks
  13. Been wanting to meet Brian for ages. Have purchased a Diamond pass, but there was no option to select a Batch Number. Will this automatically be Batch 1 if other Batches are offered?
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