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  1. It’s been a couple of weeks since the show finished. I’m now wondering how long it’s likely to be before I get my refund voucher for the Diamond pass I purchased for Robbie Coltrane? Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. The schedule for this Sunday’s photoshoots has been released, and yet again I have one person fairly early in the day, and 2 who are right at the very end! This always seems to happen - I don’t know how I manage it! One day, I’ll be able to get my photos done early in the day and be able to leave early…… maybe
  3. As someone who always buys Diamond Passes for guests I really want to meet, I would be pretty peeved if they alternated the queue between DP people and non DP people. This is why we pay a premium for the DP. And there’s no way I’d want them to do away with them. If you had just prepaid autographs, I could see total chaos happening with the very popular guests, as people who have already paid for an autograph are then told that there isn’t enough time for them to get their autograph! They could limit the number of prepaid autographs they sell, but what would happen if the guest is a fast signer? Do you then just open it up for people who haven’t already paid? Surely, in that case, it’s exactly the same as happens now with Diamond Passes and normal pay fans?
  4. I totally agree with a lot of what you say, and I do wonder just how many people work for Showmasters. The lack of communication and response time would suggest it’s just a couple of people trying to run a really big (albeit smaller this year) event. I would, however, like to correct you on one point regarding the refund vouchers. I too received several this year, which I was able to use on other guests I wanted to see. The last voucher I got, I wanted to use it towards 2 guests. As you correctly point out, I was not able to place one order for both guests using the voucher - how ridiculous is that?! However, after placing my first order, I went straight back in and re-entered the same voucher code for the second guest. To my surprise and delight, it worked and came up with the remaining balance left after my first order and I was then successfully able to complete the 2nd order. So no waiting for a 2nd voucher to be issued after my first order. Personally, I really enjoyed the show, and found that the lack of crowds made for a far more relaxing experience. On the whole, the photoshoots were well run and there wasn’t the mass brawl that usually happens with the more popular guests.
  5. I totally understand that some guests were happier having a separation screen during their photoshoots, and the way it was done with a black line along the leading edge of the screen and a black background meant that it was more or less invisible. However, could someone please mention to future guests that if they want their photoshoots done this way, to wear any colour other than black! I’ve got a lovely photo of me next to Bernard Hill’s floating head! Bernard Hill
  6. Just got home from a very tiring day, but looking forward to tomorrow. Had to stay a lot longer than I thought I would as my last photoshoot wasn’t until 5:45pm! By which time, the hall was almost deserted. All the guests I saw were fantastic and really friendly and the lack of crowds meant I could spend a bit more time talking to the guests than I would normally be allowed, which was great. Had 4 photoshoots, 2 with a plexiglass screen and 2 without. Was really pleased that the shoots with the screen were done against a black background, and the edge of the screen also had black tape down it, meaning it was basically invisible in the final photo. Personally, I loved the smaller show. The vastly reduced crowd numbers made for a very pleasant experience, and the photoshoot areas were well organised without the massive scrum that invariably happens when there are large numbers. I pre-ordered a couple of autographs for 2 of the more popular guests, thinking it would save me rushing around trying to get everything, but in a way I regret it now as there was ample time for me to have got the autographs personally. If I was to change one thing, it would be to get more trade stands in. The spacing between the rows was huge, and I’m sure another row could have been inserted without really affecting the social distancing. Roll on tomorrow!
  7. For those of you who haven’t seen this on Facebook: A Message from Showmasters: We have been contacted by Robbie Coltrane’s agent with the below statement: “It is with deep regret that as Robbie Coltrane’s Agent of more than 40 years I have to tell you that he is unable to attend the London Film & Comic Con tomorrow ....he s travelled down to London in good faith ready to appear tomorrow but has woken up today with a severe stomach complaint and has understandably decided to pull out of this commitment .. We are both very sorry to let Showmasters, The London Film & Comic Con and most importantly his fans down at such short notice especially when this event had been planned for many many months. With apologies ..CDA Ltd” Obviously we are very disappointed that Robbie is not able to attend but we are in talks for what options will be available and we will inform you of those after the event. Regards Showmasters ltd
  8. Thanks. Hopefully I’ll still be OK for the Saturday shoot, just wanted to be prepared “just in case”
  9. If I have a photoshoot ticket for Saturday, but am unable to use it for any reason, but the person also has a photoshoot on Sunday, would I be able to use my Saturday ticket for the Sunday photoshoot?
  10. This is how my tickets originally looked. Both my entry tickets have, this week, now been replaced. However, at the same time, I’d ordered a Robbie Coltrane Diamond Pass. This ticket hadn’t been updated. When I went to collect it today, it failed to scan. Fortunately, they seemed to be aware there might be a problem and the person just wrote Robbie’s name on a blank Diamond Pass for me. So you may find that your old tickets won’t scan tomorrow and your entry could be delayed. Does your ticket say “London Film & Comic Con Summer” or just “London Film & Comic Con”? If it’s the first one, then be prepared for it not to scan.
  11. According to a post LFCC put on Facebook yesterday, we are all going to be entering the hall via gate BB. However, I’ve just got home from collecting my Diamond Passes, and a guy on the door there was saying that it was only for Friday, and that on Saturday and Sunday, we need to go to gate H, which is the area we’ve always used in the past. Can anyone clarify which is correct?
  12. Quick update. My daughter’s amended ticket arrived by email today
  13. I’ve got the original Ticket from Eventbrite. Whilst the ticket says “Adult Entry Saturday 25th July 2020”, underneath it says date, which is “Fri, 19 Nov - Sun, 21 Nov 2021”, so hopefully it will be OK. It’s just strange that my other ticket has been fully updated.
  14. Last year I purchased a Diamond Pass for Robbie Coltrane, plus 2 entry tickets for Saturday, all on the same order. I have subsequently received replacement tickets for this weekend’s event for the Diamond Pass and one of the entry tickets, but not my daughter’s ticket. I’ve tried contacting Showmasters but so far haven’t heard anything back (no surprise there!). What are the chances of my daughter being able to get in with the original ticket?
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