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  1. Have just seen MyAnna Buring. What an incredibly nice person she is. So friendly and has lots of time for her fans. Just wish that everyone was like this.
  2. Just wondering if there was a list of guests who will be having virtual queue tickets?
  3. No clashes for me. Even better, 4 of my photoshoots are one after the other in the same area . The other 2 are nicely spaced out in the afternoon so I should have a relatively calm time getting my autographs and browsing the stands. Hope that’s not tempting fate!
  4. Have to agree with all these comments. Thought Hayden was extremely friendly and easy to chat to. He came across as someone who was genuinely happy to be there and meet his fans. Did think his body guard was a bit scary though! As I was in the queue approaching Hayden for my photo, I was watching the guard, and he was studying everyone coming up to Hayden like a hawk. I commented to the person next to me that I really hoped no one put their hands in their pocket as they approached Hayden as I’m sure the guard would have jumped on them! Lol
  5. On the whole I had positive experiences with the crew. Have to echo the praise someone else has already said to the person on photoshoot F who was holding up a small whiteboard with the guest name and current batch number. Why can something like this be done for all photoshoot areas, as it made it very clear what was going on? My main issue occurred in photoshoot area B for Hayden Christensen. Initially there were insufficient staff for the number of people crowding around the area, and those staff that were there, were by the entrance to the shoot furthest away from the main stage.
  6. I’ve checked a few of my photoshoots and they all match between the schedule here and the app.
  7. Diamond Pass ordered. Please please please no more guests that I want to see unless they’re coming on Friday! Going to be a very busy Saturday for me.
  8. Just so people know the procedure. If you want to upgrade to a Diamond Pass then you need to purchase it and then email the shop (shop@showmastersevents.com) with the order number of your original photoshoot and the new order number of the Diamond Pass. They will then arrange a refund.
  9. Quick question. I want to upgrade my photoshoot tickets to a diamond passes and it says to contact the online store. Is that Showmasters online shop or Eventbrite? If it is Eventbrite, is there a phone number to ring? All I can find (after much digging) is an online form to contact them. Thanks
  10. Just a word of warning. If Tom is as popular as Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith etc last year, then unless you get a diamond pass, the chances are that you won’t be able to get an autograph. Peter and Matt stayed late last year just so that the DP people got their guaranteed autographs.
  11. Have to say I had a good day today at the show. Yes, it was a lot smaller than the July show, and as a result, I did have a lot of time waiting for my photoshoots, having been round all the trade stands numerous times. This was basically because I was able to get the autographs I wanted nice and quickly, so it’s a good reason. I had photoshoots around 5:00pm and by this time, the hall had really emptied and as a result was very comfortable for a change. I would have preferred more variety of trade stands, but can’t really complain at all. Just hope this becomes a regular show, but maintai
  12. Did you see the chaos at the David Tennant photoshoot area last year? I’ve never seen such a badly organised queuing system and the staff on duty didn’t seem to know what other staff members had done. One young girl staff member started letting a load of people who had only just turned up and only had normal tickets push in front of a whole crowd of us with diamond passes and who had been queuing for ages!!! Quite how a fight didn’t break out I don’t know! So they’ve still got a hell of a lot to learn if that’s anything to go by.
  13. I hope that enough time is allowed for everyone who buys a photo shoot ticket to actually get a photo, especially those with later batches.
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