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  1. It does always seem to fall in the full last weekend of July, so 24th - 26th seems like it will be right anyways! ONLY 357 days to go.....
  2. Memory serves me no! But drinking will help haha
  3. I dont know whats more exciting. The day before, the day before LFCC or the day before LFCC. All I know is I am EXCITED for LFCC!!!
  4. So gutted I aint getting to meet this legend!! Only there for the Friday lol
  5. Hey Tim! Me and Ant are defo back for this again! The only question is when does the party actually end?????
  6. Hey!! ONLY 1 MORE DAY FOLKS!! What is the new venue?
  7. Is this open to anyone to come join for meet up? Me and my friend have been for the last 3 years but struggle to always find where the 'Con'ers are at our of hours. It might possibly be because we are glued to our phone playing Pokémon Go
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