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  1. Good guest and a nice man. Funny I met him at a Angel/Buffy convention in 2002 (He was in a episode of Angel) I got his autograph and a picture with him in a group photo but at the autograph everyone was walking passed him
  2. Met lots of nice people at the convention in the que for the photo shoots and in the gold pass room thank to everyone who chatted to me as I was on my own for the weekend.
  3. My first time as a gold pass holder started of worried on Friday when they I finally got through the door and loads of normal ticket holders had got in before me but on the Saturday got in early which made up for it. I had 23 photo shoots to get through and was I told before hand I would get it done without a gold pass but I got one anyway and am glad I did as there is zero chance I would have got them done without it. I did like the gold room to sit done in rest and take advantage of the free bottles of water (thank god they changed to bottles instead of those strange cones they started wit
  4. Only turned up to get my pass stayed nearly all time really enjoyed the gremlins talk and the free flumps in the gold room gave me the energy needed for the day. Amazing convention
  5. I had a gold pass did get in until near 2oclock hope it's quicker tomorrow as i have some early shoots. Was told that they were letting in standard pass people in before all the gold had been let in
  6. Another quick question I have Jessica henwick photo shoot on Saturday at 10.25 at E and wanted to go to the doctor who talk at10.30 on the super stage (quite close on the map) if I am a bit late can I still get into the talk once it was started.
  7. i am alright on saturday as i am staying in london but on sunday after the con i have to get to london victoria coach station and i see both the circle and district line are closed does any recommend a alternate route to get there.
  8. Just working out my schedule but how likely is it to change with the latest cancellation??
  9. Was not long ago I panicked and bought a gold pass as I thought I would be rushing to get all my photo shoots done now six photo shoot cancellations later wondering if I may have wasted over £200 buying one. Still looking forward to the con and I know it's the way these things go but still a bit upsetting when a guest who you booked months ago cancels this close to the show (dormer last year) but to lose out on six is even more sad. Hope we get a last minte surprise guest to soften the blow.
  10. On the game of thrones talk on Saturday I see they are on the 3rd batch of tickets does that mean there are 3 talks as the schedule only shows one. ?? Also I have a gold pass so will I still be able to get in without a ticket do they reserve enough seats for gold pass holders ??
  11. Has every one had a refund on Noah Wyle yet mine has happened yet
  12. I have on Saturday the game of thrones talk at the same time as my Carrie henn photo and a Hayley atwell talk at the same time as Carrie 2nd photo shoot as well is is possible to change the Carrie henn photo shoot to the Sunday
  13. On Saturday I have a game of thrones talk and a Hayley atwell talk at the same time as Carrie henn photo shoot 1 and 2 is it possible to change the ticket to a Sunday one
  14. Thought I worked it all out but I wanted to go to the doctor who,talk but the only,Jessica henwick photo starts at 10.25 and the talk starts at 10.30 and my game of throne talk starts at12.30 and the only Colin baker costume photo is at 12.15 what are my chance of making all 4 I do have a gold pass
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