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  1. He was amazing, polite, friendly, smiling all the time :). I'm really glad I had the chance to get an autograph from him :). All the wrestlers I have met over recent years have been really cool and very friendly
  2. Wow, sorry to anyone who was hoping to get an autograph today . I also think a refund option should be available, as some customers may not want to use a voucher at another con, and have to pay out more money on travel just to get there and use it.
  3. We had that too, we asked her where the organisers booth had been moved to as it wasn't where it was supposed to be on the map and got an 'I don't know I'm busy' before she hurried off. Very very rude. And again from one of the guys at the Sales Desk queue, we got an 'I don't know, this is my first day' and then wandered off, didn't offer to find someone else to help or anything. The red shirts have been wonderful, you can tell they are experienced and helpful. Fetching chairs for my friend who has a stick and has trouble standing or walking fast and making sure she was okay. Unlike the other attendees who nearly knocked her down repeatedly by pushing past and generally shoving. Not impressed by the layout or by having two floors only accessible by crowded lifts that you wait for for ages. Exactly, I thought it was rude. If she had just said "I'm very sorry I don't know" and then directed us to an area where we could have asked someone else then I wouldn't have minded. The guy on the table with a guest was more helpful and even admitted he didn't know where one guest was, because he'd been sat at the same table all day. I liked that because at least he was honest and nice about it, but he did atleast offer us a place where we could go and ask someone where the last guest was :)
  4. We had that at the elevator, waited ages for it to come and just as we've gone to go in when it finally arrived, people have walked up and just jumped straight in while completely ignoring us and the huge queue that had developed behind us waiting that whole time.
  5. I also have a complaint about a female crew member who brushed off me and my BF when we needed help. She simply said "I'm too busy, go and find someone else". Not good enough I'm afraid because we only wanted one question answering.... :|
  6. This sounds fun, I might pop along for a quick drink and to say howdy xD.
  7. Oooohhhh a forum meet up, sounds great. I'll check that out, thanks a lot . Would be good to put a face to the usernames lol
  8. Yea I know, I just noticed it lol. I do night shifts a lot, so my days and months are muddled up. I thought it was July now but it's not, it's June LMAO XD. Thanks for your help guys :).
  9. I'm getting confused now, because it says sale ends the 17th of July..... Never mind lol, getting my dates mixed up. That's night shifts for you xD
  10. I did, it only searched for Friday LFCC in July. The next one is Nov 7th. So I guess sold out lol :).
  11. OK thanks for the reply, was an enquiry for a friend. Luckily I have my ticket :). And I assume all pre pays have sold out to?
  12. Does anyone know if you can buy entry tickets for Saturday, on the door/day? :).
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