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  1. Just because this post gets lost in the sheer volume of pre-con panic threads another wee reminder Today is the day! 7pm-ish Crown and Sceptre! Being held in the Cellar room, if you get lost in the pub just say it's for London Film and Comic Con. Everyone is more than welcome. Couples, groups of friends, solo attendees (especially solo attendees, that's how this meet-up formed last year as we were all in London alone. Around 30 off us decided to bite the bullet and turned up last year to meet. The rest is history!) Even if you're only popping in for a quick hello and chat to f
  2. The time draws nigh... Only a mere few days until the meet on Thursday :) Just to re-iterate - there is nothing planned for during the day. Now that a Thursday pick-up for passes has been confirmed this is very positive indeed as many of us felt it was helpful last year. At 7pm we have the cellar room in the Crown and Sceptre to eat, drink and be merry. Everyone is more than welcome (again especially Michael Madsen...) Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and the new ones too. I'm flying down to London tomorrow for a conference over the next few days then once th
  3. A gentle bump :) Everyone is most welcome. Especially Michael Madsen
  4. Quite often now SM will create the thread and post it but hide it from the public view until 7pm :)
  5. Michael was a joy to meet back in 2014.... it would be amazing if he could sign my Reservoir Dogs tattoo
  6. 4 weeks 6 days :) I hope there's still people wanting to come along!
  7. 7 weeks today until the lil Thursday meet-up guys!
  8. Heyy AWeeGhost :) I'm also coming down from Glasgow for this con on the Friday night, my flights at 7:40pm incase you're traveling the same way :) There's a few of us meeting up after the con for some drinkies and a good scran, you're more than welcome to join if you're looking for something social after!
  9. Props are fun In 2014 my mate stood holding a bloodied fake ear with Michael Madsen...Michael didn't look impressed at all Years ago at Cardiff comic con I took a sonic screwdriver into the shoot with me for Paul McGann. I asked him nicely would he mind holding the screwdriver. He took it, put his arm around me and whispered into my ear "Let's save the world together" my very subtle reply was "GGNNAAAAHHHHHHHH....."
  10. Hello :) May I direct you to the meet-up i've organised for Thursday the 27th July? Absolutely everyone is welcome, the more the merrier. We had a great time last year getting to know each other and personally as a solo attendee I felt it made the whole con experience during the day a lot better because there was always someone around to chat to in a queue that I had met the night before!
  11. Hello my lovelies :) After much deliberation regarding the Thursday during the day I have made a decision. Originally the thought months ago was to do a scavenger hunt but unfortunately there wasn't enough people to form adequate teams to get the full experience. The replies I got last week regarding times that people are arriving made my mind up that there isn't going to be a meet-up during the day, just an evening thing. That being said, John1980 and I are meeting at 12pm in front of the London eye if anyone is free and wants to join us. My hope is that Showmasters announce pass p
  12. Since we have a home for all us geeklings the more the merrier :)
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