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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask. But my friend can't make it. If i were to buy ops for Paul Wesley and Daniel Giles and had a sign saying something like wish you were here. Would that be allowed just them and the sign?
  2. I shall be there again! So much fun last year, need to find my team mates from last year so we can win this year. I'l have my sister in the as well as my brother. 1. Tenaciouspirit 2. Wjbleming+1 3. Smithy (+0) 4. Astro_Nut +0 5. Optimistic-skye +2
  3. Even better would be Mark Pellegrino. I would die if they got him too!
  4. Omg may be crying right now. Finally meeting the King of Hell! I love Mark as Crowley.
  5. 1. PenThePirate (+ at least 4) 2. Wrong Name (maybe but looking more likely) 3. wjbleming (+1 more than likely) 4. John1980 (solo) 5. Mario (+3, probably) 6. Chrisrus (+1) 7. natedammit (-1) 8. XIII 9.Optimistic-Skye (+1)
  6. Dalton is elsewhere, but Chloe Bennett would be nice I know he's somewhere else in June but is he somewhere else at the same time as LFCC? If not he could still come.
  7. They confirmed on FB that it's a first time SM signer. So could have been to UK before to sign just not with SM. I'll throw out Brett Dalton or maybe Chloe Bennett?
  8. A diamond pass guarantees you at least one auto (sometimes they include two autos) a photo and usually something else (poster, thirty, mug) and a lanyard stating who the pass is for. Diamond pass holders always jump to the front of the queue too but only for the guest the diamond pass is for. Hope this helps :)
  9. Louise My favourite character is Kurt Bunker from Banshee. Sheffield Film and Comic con 2017 please :)
  10. I got one on my wish list in Tom Pelphrey so any chance of Josh Duhamel, Chloe Bennett or Brett Dalton ?
  11. *immense fangirl breakdown* showmasters you are amazing. I could actually cry! I'm so happy right now. My awful month doesn't feel so awful now!
  12. My Name That I Respond To IRL: Lou My Rough Age: Late 20's My Main Fandoms: The Walking Dead, The Strain, Marvel, Firefly Most People Love This Fandom But I Strongly Dislike: American Horror Story. Could never get into it I found it tedious. Favourite Guest I've So Far Met: Colt Cabama Biggest Name Guest I've So Far Met: Jeremy Renner Ultimate Dream Guest I'd Love To Meet: it's a toss up between Jensen Ackles, Frank Grillo and Tom Hardy. However A More Realistic Dream Guest Would Be: Nathan Fillion I Plan To Be At LFCC 2017 On These Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday I Will Most Likely be wearing: Fallout Vault dweller, Poison Ivy or Maya from Borderlands As Well As The Guests, I Will Also Be Attending To: Purchase some merchandise. Favourite Colour: Red Favourite Movie: Inglorious Bastards Favourite Food: Pizza! Favourite Book: Bad Luck and Trouble a Jack Reacher novel Favourite Series Of Books: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Favourite Video Game: Skyrim Favourite Item Of Merchandise: Deadpool Hoodie (so warm and fluffy) Favourite Person With The Screen Name "Stenun" Who Started This Thread: who???? Jk... Other Information About Me That I Want To Mention: learning to sew so I can make my own costumes. Other Information About Me That I Don't Want To Mention: I role play as Skye/Daisy Johnson on tumblr.
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