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  1. One of my questions I asked he did not understand - I was very nervous which is why I probably swallowed 1 or 2 words, haha. However, no one said "ok, next" or whatever, no rush. And Hayden was like: "Can you please repeat your question?" He even stopped signing so that he could look at me while listening to what I was saying/asking. It happens very rarely that I loose my voice as I am used to meeting actors. But whenever something like this happens the celeb usually pretends to don't hear you - which makes it a weird situation. Hayden was so busy but it's fantastic how he was towards his fans. He really wanted to make sure that you do have your time with him and the chance to actually talk.
  2. Whenever I see a no personalisation sign I am disappointed. But picking up an autograph myself still means a thousand times more than buying one at a stall. Picking it up yourself is still a personal experience, you can get your own stuff signed and you see them doing it while you have a little conversation with them. That's still a lot! I'm sorry to hear about some attendees being appallingly towards Jenna... :/
  3. That would be superb. Matthew Daddario is lovely! I'd also love to see Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill and Riverdale (especially as he also makes comics).
  4. - Hayden Christensen (again, pleeease! :D) - Mark Hamill - Milla Jovovich - Linda Hamilton - Ali Larter - Devon Sawa - Sarah Michelle Gellar - Alyssa Milano - Sigourney Weaver - Neve Campbell - Michael J. Fox - Christopher Lloyd - Robert Zemeckis
  5. My brother and I were very happy with our diamond passes. Without one I would not have been able to get an autograph from Ian Somerhalder. And when I got to Haydens photo shoot I was like: "Oh my gosh, now THAT'S a queue". But I was brought right inside when showing my pass. Same counts for the autograph tables. Sometimes we were late and our batch was already being called. And we were always brought right to the table (often because they were already through with diamond pass holders or because we had a low batch number). That saved us a lot of time. Even with my DP I ran out of time. But without them I would have only half of what I have now. So I'm glad I payed the extra costs.
  6. That's so nice!! I LOVE reading all those positive comments about him. What a wonderful soul he has! Awake was such a cool movie and very twisted. Unfortunately, considering the worldwide box office only a few people saw it - which is a shame. Same counts for Life As A House. So glad you also liked Shattered Glass! His performance in that film is fantastic! Now I finally know someone who saw it as well.
  7. When I saw the no personalisation sign I knew he must have been asked to speed up his signings. That's why I was worried he would rush. But when I saw how much time he took with his fans before me I calmed down again cause it was pretty clear that he don't wanted to rush. It felt like ordering something at Starbucks (in a very positive way off course). "Where would you like to get the signature?" "What colour do you prefer?" And before I could say the colour he was like: "What about here in black?" Seriously, I am still so happy and think about the meetings every day. I've been disappointed by a lot of celebs in the past (Jake Gyllenhaal comes to mind). Hayden is my number one actor and seeing that he really enjoyed being around his fans and really taking care of everyone made me so happy. I know that he did only a few signings so far. But I feel like he might be in for this in the future as well - seeing how much he enjoyed the experience himself. So please showmasters, get him back again.
  8. I do show my parents cause I know that they are happy for me - and they don't care where I spend my money. They themselves are like: "You don't smoke, you don't drink" and so on. But I don't show to friends - unless they want to have a look. And when they do they usually try to find something negative to say. Something like: "Wow, that person got old" or "He could have smiled more". But I don't care. I prefer to share my stuff here or somewhere else where people like me share the same passion. As some of you already mentioned - we do this for us. It's our memories, our experiences, our time and our money. I don't need to show my pics to 50 friends so that I can say: "Ha, look whom I met!". I enjoy checking out my folder all alone cause I love to remember the meetings!
  9. Same here but with Christina Ricci. I brought own stuff for Hayden Christensen and Ian Somerhalder but that was it. I thought there was gonna be a foto from Casper which is my favourite Christina Ricci movie. But there wasn't so I took one from Adams Family. But I am not really a big fan of that film. However, next year I will definitely bring some more own stuff. And now that I am reading all of your lists more people come to mind that I have missed - Bob Gale and Franco Nero.
  10. Hey guys, have you missed any guests this year? My Saturday and Sunday was so busy that I had no chance to get the following autographs: - Carrie-Anne Moss - Val Kilmer - Alfie Allen - Billy Dee Williams - Finn Jones What about you guys?
  11. When Hayden was announced I was like: WHAT?? London is only "1 or 2 jumps" away from Switzerland. To hear that he comes to London made me so incredibly happy and I had to buy a Diamond Pass. I love him since I saw him in Life As A House - a movie that became my all time favourite. And that will probably never change. When I was brought into the photo booth I couldn't believe my eyes. There he was - Hayden Christensen, THE actor I started to love 18 years ago. I am happy I am not the only Awake fan here on board. It is such a good one! However, I became more and more nervous as I was getting closer to him. He greeted me with a huge smile and a handshake. When we posed for the camera I realised that the photographer took a quick break to talk to someone. That was a nice chance to talk to Hayden for a few seconds. When saying bye he smiled again and I was so happy to see that he actually enjoyed being around his fans - a fact that - unfortunately - doesn't count for every actor. After that I took some other photos and saved my autograph with Hayden for later in the day - that was probably a mistake because I got there at 4Pm. That's when I found the "no personalisation" sign. That made me feel sad for a second cause a personalisation on my Life As A House photo would have been the jackpot for me. However, because of that sign I was afraid that there will be no time to ask him something. But I was wrong! He is sooo nice and he didn't rush at all. He took his time, he even asked where you would his signature and in what colour. That was so sweet. And we had 2 handshakes - not sure why but I didn't mind at all, lol. So so so nice ad I really hope he will come back again! I have more Life As A House stuff that I would like to get signed - and a few questions about the film. I'm very happy that pretty much everyone here seems to having had a great experience with him.
  12. I had a Diamond Pass for Saturday but I had no chance to see him then cause I had to go to photo sessions. I was waiting 2 times for him but he wasnt around. I am very happy I was given the chance to use my Saturday pass on Sunday. However, I enjoyed The Vampire Diaries but for me its Life As A House that means everything to me. He was very surprised about me wanting to get his signature on a Life As A House picture with him and his co-star Mary Steenburgen. He was like: "Oh my god" and for like 30 seconds he only starred at the picture. Then he told me how much filming this film meant to him, how special everything about it was and how awesome it was that he has had a little Life As A House reunion with Hayden Christensen. That made me very happy. Its nice that he took his time for every single fan even with a crazy queue. I still cant believe it Hayden and Ian - 2 from Life As A House at the same time. So cool. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
  13. I really wanted to meet her. When I was in line for Ian Somerhalder her queue was only 3 or 4 people long. I was like: Damn, now would be the perfect time. But I did not leave the line and she left a few minutes later. Maybe for a shoot or something.
  14. I went to Hayden at 4PM with my Diamond Pass and without asking I was brought right to the table.
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