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  1. Doesn't look like any changes for me!
  2. Updated now by the looks of it!
  3. Was expecting this but I am looking forward to Star Trek Discovery too! :)
  4. Wong was one of my favourite guests ever so needed to find a way to meet him again and who doesn't want to have another photo with Cumberbatch ey?
  5. There was originally a Finn and Mike photo op if I remember rightly but now Mike has cancelled there wont be...
  6. Mike has now cancelled so I imagine a refund will be coming your way shortly
  7. Bought the duo... Damn me and my lack of will power now I just hope no one else gets announced haha
  8. That new trailer they released was a bit good... gutted he has cancelled
  9. Not for me but a big name right at the last minute, nice work SM!
  10. For the greater gooooooooooood
  11. Couple of crossovers but nothing to tricky... might have to miss some talks but I can live with that!
  12. Damn it! He was a big guest for me
  13. Looks pretty similar to last year so shouldn't be to bad for finding my way around :)
  14. Thought he was great in his little scene this week, looking forward to meeting him more now :)