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  1. Amazing guest! Will be great to finally get him on my poster!
  2. Awesome was requesting him last year! Loved Ghost In The Shell too! Defo getting both auto and photo
  3. Will defo get an auto photo will depends on funds nearer the time!
  4. Nice guest! Only really know her from How I Met Your Mother and American Pie so can't really justify the price so will probs have to give her a miss unfortunately
  5. 100% this... Red is just warning in general so is the logical colour.
  6. After watching the frustrating Covenant this weekend it really makes you realise just how good the first one actually was... Tempted to have the joint shoot now as this is his last UK appearance.
  7. Yeah it's not too bad! Some of them are mini posters so I carry them in a portfolio case flat, easy to get out too! :)
  8. Tom Felton
  9. Rogue one actors - R1 poster Mike Colter - Mondo Luke Cage vinyl soundtrack Alan Tudyk - Serenity poster Steven Yeun & Emily Kinney - TWD poster Wai Ching Ho - Daredevil poster Rick Gonzalez & Joe Dincol - Arrow poster Michelle Harrison - Flash poster Indira Varma - GOT poster If there is a Defenders poster onsale by then I will start one of those too :)
  10. Gutted for everybody meeting her, hopefully you can get her to LFCC! :)
  11. Yesssss!
  12. Would be cool to have a couple of actors from AMC's other show Preacher... Dominic Cooper Ruth Negga Joe Gilgun