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diamond pass merchandise

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1 minute ago, the collector said:

I post this with the possibility of getting told off by someone, I am just wondering is my Christopher lloyd diamond pass mug machine washable or does it need to be hand washed, its nothing major I just would mind knowing though :smile: thanks

I'll be hand washing my Tom Wilson mug, with extra care.

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3 minutes ago, PinkGlitch said:

We just got a print and lanyard for my husbands Kevin Smith diamond pass. I asked if there was anything else but they were too busy at the table to hear me. Did we miss out on something? 

i'm 99% certain not, a few guests as part of the diamond pass had a mug included, I know Tom Wilson did. But don't think Kevin Smith did. So it would just have been print and lanyard

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we got the wil whaton mug and print but forgot the terance stamp and alan tudyk prints.  just because we were curious what Meant on the wil pass we went investigating lol and got given the mug but i forgot to show the other diamond passes.     not too bothered tho had a fab time and main thing is I have my photos with them and autos   :)

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9 minutes ago, homerj said:

Was there meant to be a Wil Wheaton mug as well?

I didn't get one or Terence Stamp print

Yes there was a Wil Whaton mug.  it has a photo of him from Star Trek and also with Sheldon in Big Bang.  its very nice   :)

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