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  1. Thought it was designed to collect dust and that's it!!! Why on earth would you want to wash it!!!!?? sorry didn't get one so don't know
  2. £360 on diamond passes (Benedict Cumberbatch and John Cleese) £320 on photos £335 on autos £40 travel (live outside London and split coast of car park which would have been £85.50 and petrol) £30 food and drink (made lovely picnic and left in car and came and went whenever hungry) £45 at stalls and artists so so well over my budget of £750 for this year. Whoops. Don't tell the wife shhhhhh
  3. Go to to say I found David totally rude. Girl in front of me wanted a picture and I offered to take it for her when David snatched the phone out of her hand and took the snap himself. Ok of that's what you want to do than fine but he then proceeded to be quite arrogant and rude to me when I was at the desk. Was only trying to help the girl get a nice photo. Was only like an hour and a half into the weekend and felt that anyone after me has got no hope in enjoying time here!! Such a shame when the other three SOA guests where totally amazing and couldn't be nicer or more engaging if they tried. Kristen and I talked about her flight over because she had posted a picture on twitter and was amazed that I follow her (I don't!! I follow Tommy who had retweeted it, but wasn't going to spoil the illusion). Tommy was doing selfies and calling out 'Ma num a na' to get a reaction and great photos. Mark was doing selfies also and mucking around with my brothers phone as the shoot button was on wrong side and kept messing around with it. Three amazing guests let down down but the drunk I'm afraid
  4. I got her auto very early on... maybe 9:45 so she was doing personalised autos then. She was lovely. Talked about My Family and Robert Lindsey (Robbie and she called him). Great guest. Can't really see her face on my auto but heyho great auto
  5. Thanks for getting back to me Queen and Stuart. Not my first diamond so expected "print" from other diamond guests but "of his work" isn't worded on other guest threads. As an accomplished artist I supposed "his work" would be his own drawing/sketches or something similar. Don't get me wrong I like the print, as with the other diamond pass prints I have had this year and past, just not what I expected. I just believe the wording could, mistakenly, imply something different as Steven is an artist. Just think with wording different on Steven's, we would be getting something else. Thanks again guys. Fantastic show yesterday. Can't wait for today
  6. Just a quick question. It's says limited edition print of his work yet we getting a print of him? Any one know what going on with that?
  7. Thanks Ray. Always a pleasure doing business.
  8. Afternoon all just a quick one and not sure if already asked here so please accept my apologies in advance if this has been asked already. I see photo area a,b,c and d are all next to the main stage. Will the stage be cornered off from their queuing area of these photo areas? Many complaints in previous years that anyone could wonder in during a talk. Last year ended up with loads of people listening and watching talks they hadn't paid for thanks
  9. Friends of mine recently attended another con at Olympia and said that it's no longer free. I used to pay in car park on Friday and split cost with friends and then park around back streets Sat/Sun and never had any bother before...... till now. £85 for the weekend in the main car park isn't too bad when split 4 ways.
  10. Just remember it's not free to park around back streets any more. Got to feed the meter and I believe it's only a 4 hour limit so may need to run out and feed meter again at some point.
  11. Out of 100 and they wouldn't have 1 that peeks your interest?
  12. Appreciate it as always Queen anything we can do for you......... put the kettle on?
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