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  1. If a guest has a diamond pass the only way to be sure you will get their autograph is to get the diamond pass, otherwise it is a gamble. Thats always been known to be the case. It is always a gamble if a guest is a fast/slow signer or maybe needs a few more breaks so cant always guarantee they will get to VQ tickets or how many if they do. I was lucky and got a low VQ for Brian but i still had to wait in a queue for a LONG time sunday pm to get it. Luckily he was last guest i needed auto for so i could wait and i just managed to get it at 4pm and make it round to my last photoshoot. I honestly thought i was gonna have to leave Brians queue to get to photoshoot without his auto, but i was lucky, could have gone other way... but as i said i rolled the dice with vq.
  2. Agree re the black but have to say, i was really pleased with how well the shoots with the screen turned out. Definitely best i have seen using a screen
  3. I have to say every guest I met this weekend was lovely, so list below not totally exhaustive. Appreciation for.... Robert Patrick lovely chat at autograph table and was fun and engaged in photoshoot as well. Great fun guest George Takei lovely man. Manahed to get his auto fairly easily even tho he was reduced hours and he was so sweet and a lovely chat at auto. He was same again in photo. Love my photo with him. John Wesley Shipp i was so looking forward to meeting him after he had to cancel the last time and it was worth the wait. What a lovely lovely man both at auto and photo. Also noticed how engaged he was with anyone at his auto table anytime i walked by. Sandra Dickinson met her late Sunday and she was so sweet. Shared some interesting stories and chatted away for ages as it was quiet. Total sweetheart. Ben Browder such a nice guy. Great chat, so approachable and friendly. Great guest. Marina Sirtis lovely lady. Even remembered me at photoshoot from first meeting at auto. Lastly, Brian Blessed. What a character. Was really sweet at photoshoot. Managed to get his auto and although could tell he was starting to flag a bit (understandale) he was still full of fun and had me giggling and smiling and i love his dedication on my auto.
  4. What a lovely lady. Got her autograph tonight and even though it was late in the day she was still totally engaged and had some fascinating stories to share.
  5. He has been lovely all weekend... from Friday when we got his auto to chatting to him randomly when passing, then again in photoshoot today. Lovely man, well worth the wait after he had to canx last time.
  6. Has Christpher Eccleston cancellex? Someone told us yesterday in photo queue for Nother queat that he had but cant see anywhere to confirm? Sorry if i am missing it. Tia
  7. Out of interest, where did you see that as i cant see anything on forum or fb page. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks. I will need to contact shop. As not had email saying cancelled or voucher.
  9. I am confused. I dont see Jessie T Usher on timetable for Sunday but also dont have a moved to or cancelldd email either. Is he still going i cant seem to find anything but may be missing it. TIA
  10. Just emailed shop about guest i had moved to spring which i cannot attend so requesting vouchers - auto reply from sm saying wont hear anything until 22nd nov earliest, so dont expect quick reply or to have vouchers in time to use for this weekend.
  11. Does anyone know if timetable has been updated. The one i see doesnt seem to have been. Still missing a few guests.
  12. Yea, seems very messed up and really needs sorted big time and quickly
  13. Yeah i seen on their fb page announcing timetable lots had commented a few guests were missing.
  14. Not showing on timetable for friday or have I missed her on the schedule?
  15. Ahhh fab!!! I notice couple people missing from some days so guess it will need to be updated again lol
  16. Thank you. Do you know when it went up?
  17. And No schedule. I only start thinking its real and close when the schedule appears and i have my days all planned. Hope its soon
  18. Agree. Was hoping schedule would have been out this weekend to allow planning/sorting days as not much time to do it during week with work etc but guess it is coming down to that. Not ideal
  19. Any ideas when schedule will be avaiable, or have I missed it?
  20. Yeah, the gift card way of working madd sense to me too but was thrown with wording in voucher section. Just gave it a try and got the last two photos booked i wanted using the code. Can't wait.
  21. Does anyone know.... when you have used a voucher and still have a balance left on it.. does showmasters automatically issue a new voucher for the balance? If so, how long does it take? Or do you just use same code again another time until balance runs out? On voucher info link it does state new voucher for balance but doeant confirm if automatic.
  22. Hi sorry is it has been asked/posted but if so i have missed it. Do we know if DP and weekend pass collection will be available Thursday?
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