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Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa & Joey & Clarissa)

Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter, Bel Ami & Water for Elephants)

David Lascher (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Blossom & Clueless)

Fab Filippo (Buffy, Detentionaire, The Dating Guy, Being Erica, Level 9 & Delilah & Julius)

Clea Duvall (Heroes, American Horror Story, The Faculty, Argo, The Event & Zodiac)

Jenna Von Oy (Blossom, The Parkers & Doctor Dolittle 3)

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More wrestlers would be great. My picks would be:


Hulk Hogan

Trish Stratus - Providing she's had her child

Kevin Nash

Shawn Micheals

Chris Jericho

Ultimate Warrior

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Marc Mero

Harley Race - Health Depending

Ricky Steamboat

Jerry Lawler


I've mentioned these names before and there has been arguements for why they might not be able to attend, e.g. Jericho on tour with Fozzy however it's always good to test the waters. Hogan I know has done US cons & Lawler has a pretty much free reign over his WWE contract. Some of the names mentioned such as Hogan, Shawn, Warrior & Austin will be top money names BUT there is a market for them and dedicated fans like myself will pay the money that's being asked.

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Again, I am so excited about meeting Margot! Is there no way that Sarah Douglas could come to the London event too? It would be so nice to have more than one Superman guest present - and if you could somehow get Annette O'Toole, Pamela Stephenson, Annie Ross and Mariel Hemingway to join Margot (and Sarah?!) too, for the 75th anniversary of Superman, that would be amazing!

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I would love to see the original evil dead cast. the ladies of the evil dead do conventions throughout the world and I would of course be thrilled if you could get Bruce 'the chin' Campbell and Ted Raimi.


Agreed 100% with this. Hope we can get some Evil Dead cast over. Bruce Campbell has been a main want of mine for years!

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