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  1. Got there a few minutes after opening and there were less than 10 in front of me, asked the girl working if she had VQs, she said no. I said "You're gonna need em." About 10 min later about 50+ people in the queue It was handled fantastically well with a chair and sign setup within a few minutes. VQs given to each person in the queue in order from the front and 1-20 only left waiting. Sad to hear later on it went badly but it always happens with a guest they don't anticipate the excitement for, often with Thrones guests.
  2. Did you buy one? If so what did you get? Two figures and a pop in mine
  3. Potentially my first ever Diamond Pass, have to check one thing though. I have 2 things I'd like signed, am I able to skip VQ with the Diamond pass then pay for them both to be signed at once?
  4. Thank you so much guys, so happy to see you putting the COMIC back in LFCC! Now get some anime/manga guests and it will be like the golden days again!
  5. With Marc Bernardin already announced I'd put money on Kevin Smith and also some sort of live Fatman on Batman.
  6. My wife met him today, somehow injured his eye and is going to have to have surgery on it after the con Hope all goes okay for him.
  7. Saw these today, did anyone get one? If so what did you get?
  8. I'm refreshing constantly hoping "Day added!" appears. Anyone else?
  9. Gutted. I even requested but I'm only there Friday and Saturday. Too late for me to change. I shall hope she finds time to attend Saturday too. A superb actress and guest who more than makes for Perlman imho
  10. It's much too late I know but after just marathon-ing the phenomenal "Stranger Things" we need the cast over here ASAP!
  11. This is a superb piece of news and something the UK has sorely been lacking. Hopefully exclusive Funkos aren't far away either.
  12. It's the 10th Anniversary of massively popular manga Fairy Tail and the creator, Hiro Mashima, is travelling around the world in celebration. It would be a MASSIVE get to have him attend and would pull in a huge crowd of Manga and Anime fans.
  13. As others have said, done it plenty of times myself BUT! Keep an eye on that pen! I've lost quite a few as the guest puts it down then you're chatting and you walk away and it's only hours later you realise
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