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  1. I think certain things CAN be avoided if certain things were laid out better, even with an event as busy as this, if layouts were better there wouldnt be as many issues. they just seem to want to get bigger and bigger but without fixing or taking note of the issues, some of which are minor things that can be changed or moved. Id rather see an event smaller that runs so well then a massive event thats just chaos and alot of ppl i spoke to sadly experienced a far different opinion to yours.
  2. where did jason write that photoshoots wont all be kept together? think i missed that part, if thats true that just shows they dont listen to all the feedback they get. ive lost count of the amount of people whos main issue was the photshoots being dotted around all over the place. you cant honestly say all that space you have and you cant dedicate 1 large area to all the photoshoots ?
  3. This is a point many have posted about and ive heard many many people commenting on at the shows, why is it so difficult to put all the photoboots in 1 area? It would make the whole event so much easier to get around, find what you need and hopefully help in stopping people criss crossing all the time when your stood in a photo line Exactly, too early to say really but i feel come next yr, that 40% more space from the other hall will be pointless because they will just up the ticket sales and sell more passes so it will end up being rammed in there too so there wont be much difference. we live in hope. would be ideal if they sold the same sort of number of tickets as this yr and keep the NO ON THE DOOR TKTS and have that other hall..so there would be alot more space overall and not more people.
  4. For me my 2 surreal moments were 1. meeting sigourney weaver at her signing, i have ghostbuster portrait tattoos on my arm and she noticed them and said "wow, those are awesome...but im not on you" i said "you will be soon" which she replied with "i hope so" hahaha i kinda melted for a moment, had a big grin and left, what a moment that will always be with me :) and 2. at lea thompson's photoshoot throwing her arms open and saying "hey gorgeous" and giving me a massive squeeze. school boy crush for sure lol There is no dana only zuul
  5. Not sure who she was but there was a girl i kept seeing around all day after a kelly hu shoot on friday, made me chuckle as she was so pretty and looked like a younger kelly hu, even kelly said her self 'wow you could be my sister...or daughter' lol. i love the way some guests make photoshoots fun.
  6. ahah true story...a moment i will never forget, trust me lol Ba-Boom-Boom-Tsch!
  7. Vhiper, i agree on a couple of points you made there. This was my first yr with a gold and 2BH im not really sure if i got my moneys worth at all, i mean on a good side i got in at a good time to get a VQT for paxton and weaver, who i managed to meet both...BUT the photoshoots were thst quick the non golds didnt seem to be waiting much longer anyway, alot of the guests as you said were open queues anyway and the goodie bag is very poor with tickets you can use like the autograph tickets if there are not guests you wanna meet or are only there the saturday. I totally agree about the actual autograph too, as im a collector and fan of so many movies, i myself feel like im paying to meet the guest briefly, watch them sign something for me and shake their hand...that to me is where the money goes...the experience and the memory of that brief moment shaking hands with bill paxton. Before the event, i considered preordering the sigourney weaver ghostbusters autograph as i just didnt feel like id get to meet her, but i figured...NO ill risk it and take my chances, as i dont like buying from dealers or the PO system. im so glad i didnt has i got to meet her and for a moment i got a brief chat, compliments on my ghostbusters tattoos and a signed photo infront of me which is what i paid for...amazing moment. Your 2nd point about next yr not buying a gold too and getting regular entry with a diamond pass is something im considering IF i do next yr. I mean for the amounbnt of guests i got 2 where VQT, so maybe i should put the 200 towards a diamond instead next time? If someone like kiefer sutherland was there then its something id without a doubt consider! You're missing the point autograph wise..You could easily get autographs from the non-diamond pass guests as most of them had open queues, so a gold pass didn't give you any help there and for diamond pass guests you needed a VQ ticket, again no gold pass help there. So the gold pass has become pretty useless for the autograph collectors. For photoshoots the same thing. Yeah, you go in first, but if you buy your photoshoots quick enough, which is now extra easy with Etickets being sold, you'll get batch 1 tickets, who go straight after the golds, so you won't be waiting that much longer either. Goodie bag had a few old trinkets, Chill out room consists of a few tables, chairs, sweets and water and was closed during talks, photoshoot vouchers were handy thanks to the last minute rule change, but autograph vouchers were useless. So no, I didn't think I got value for money on the gold pass this year, unlike last year when that pass actually helped with the biggest guests. So I hope next year improvements will be made to make that pass worth it again. But with a gold pass you can join any queue depending on your movement (unless the guest is doing something else). You can dictate your plan without worrying about what VQ number's are being called etc. You can plan on your terms. I accept your point about the biggest guests from a collector's point of view. Would the collector be doing this for personal financial gain or just another name for his collection? The genuine fans of that guest should come first. I suppose your hinting at what is the definition of a "big guest"? With the greatest respect to Bill Paxton I would imagine there are only some DIE hard fans out there that thought a Diamond Pass was a must. Previous years with a Gold you could join his queue anytime (and perhaps only paid £45 for his autograph). I get it and accept it but that is just one guest out of how many? Of course it has been mentioned before in the forum the cost of the diamond pass enables these names to come. I personally have no interest in Robert Englund (no disrespect) and would be very disappointed if I found the gold pass price has increased to cover all triple A names. Least this way its fair and flexible to cater for all tastes which is key. You can plan on your terms too, easily, without a gold pass, because most queues of the not-so-big-guests are open queues. Only the most popular guests get VQ lines and most of those are now diamond pass guests. Of all of my 15 autographs only 3 had VQ tickets as far as I remember, the rest was all open queues. For the rest my point exactly: Last year you could join the lines of the biggest guests without the need of a VQ ticket, names like Stan Lee, John Hurt, Carrie Fisher and Jenna Coleman were all accessible directly, now these guests would be Diamond level (sorry, but they are at least as big as Paxton) and you'd need to run for a VQ ticket. That's not what you're paying 200 pounds extra for, is it? btw I am a fan, I have never sold any of my autographs, still have them all and wouldn't even buy one from a trader. I want my autos signed in front of me, because that is where the value is: Meeting the guest. I've seen posts in which fans were told they are buying an auto, not the time with the guest, but actually every real fan is not paying for the autograph, they are paying to be standing in front of the guest and say hello for the few seconds the guest is signing the autograph. THAT is where the value is, THAT is why I, as a fan, get auto's and that is why I cherish them, being reminders of the time I met that particular guest. That is what SM should realise and play into. That is why I gladly pay extra for a gold pass to be able to have some sort of guarantee of meeting the guest and go enjoy a relaxed con without running around and that is what is now gone from a gold pass, since for the small guests it was never an issue, queues are open, they are never too busy to miss out, while for the bigger guests the diamond pass is here to stay now and you'll need to buy that to get some sort of guarantee or even a chance at all (MJF) to get an auto. So why I ask should I buy a gold pass, while I could just buy a regular entry to get me the less popular guests with open queues and spend that 200 extra you pay on a gold pass on a diamond pass instead for the big guest I'll want to meet??
  8. As many have said it was a fun weekend to some extent and was great to meet some awesome guests so thanks for that showmasters, but when the same or similiar issues are arrising again something needs to be done. i appreciate your post so thanks for that but things need to be sorted out before you start getting bigger guests over and creating more madness. People have made some good suggestions on here that you NEED to take on board. The venue imo wasnt great, maybe due to your layout, but having ALL the photoshoots on one floor would have been so much easier for everyone. A chill out zone as mentioned too would be good, barriers for photoqueues, some sort of speaker or microphone for staff to call out info, little things like this make a huge difference. And the numbers, even with you saying no on the door tickets where sold like last yr, it didnt feel any less mad then last yr! it was still rammed and just not enjoyable. Having alot of the traders stalls too in the middle on the 1st level made it so difficult to get around if you were trying to get to shoots, which is why people have suggested all shoots in 1 place so your not constantly crossing paths. This was my 1st yr with a gold pass, and i got throug most of my photoshoots with it apart from 1 and managed to get in line f or sigourney weaver and bill paxton but the chill out room was a pain to find on the friday, the refreshments offerered wasnt that impressive to be fair, i mean we dont expect a 3 course dinner but something more than water and a few tubs of marshmallows at least? Also the goodie bad was pathetic 2bh, i got some keychain for a tv show ive never heard of and how to train your dragon ice cube tray...which i ended up throwing both away in the bin when i got back to my hotel.....as others have said id just rather have another voucher or a program of the event. About the vouchers too, it was nice that you had changed the photoshoot one this yr so we could use it towards more pricey guests, so thanks for that...but the autograph tickets were pointless to people like me who didnt want any £10 guests, if there are no guests to use the ticket for your not getting everything out of your gold pass...why not do the same with the autographs tkts and let us use them towards the cost of another guest whos £15 or more and just pay the difference. and it would be better to use them all weekend, why just fri and sun??? i just think as do many others the autograph tickets are pointless if you cant use them, theres no point in having them, not everyone wants an autograph from an unseen stormtrooper in the background on the far left. So the gold pass really wasn't worth the money as people where put through pretty quich for the photoshoots anway so those behind us golds didnt seem to wait much longer 2bh. Again going back to the layout which was the biggest issue really, alot of ppl on the top floor were saying some ppl didnt know there were up there, which is a shame. why cant you just have all the photoshoots in 1 area, all the guests dotted around in 1 or 2 areas and the stalls and stages in another area. Its an exciting idea to think thst we COULD have a big show in the uk like sdcc or nycc BUT all these issues need to be sorted out before you start bringing in more pass variations just to get more money in to book bigger guests.
  9. Well firstly id like to say what a crazy weekend it was, in good and bad ways. Firstly the good. The guests. Over the weekend i must have met so many guests, all were amazingly friendly, kind, polite and fun to be around. It was an absolute dream to come out of their each day knowing id met sigourney weaver, bill paxton, mjf etc. It was such a surreal feeling to meet sigourney weaver and michael j fox, and some stand out moments for me where meeting mjf and him seeing my teenwolf tee shirt and smiling at me, just the feeling i got from him and being around him was such an honour, also sigourney weaver seeing my ghostbusters portrait tattoos and saying "wow those are awesome, but im not on you" then followed by "i hope so" when i said she will be soon, that made my day. And finally Lea Thompson, who was most probably one of the best guests id met all weekend, she was such a sweetheart, looks stunning and at the photoshoot when it was my turn threw out her arms and said "hey gorgeous" then gave me a massive squeeze which made me melt lol..she was such a wonderful guest, as was claudia wells...but again everyone i saw over the weekend was great.James remar also told me a little story when i gave him a warriors picture to sign and told me how he still has the belt buckle he wore in the movie hung in his closet. so thanks showmasters for getting some fun guests over. The bad, as many have already likely pointed out, ive not had chance to read all the feedback on the forums as yet but im sure its been mentioned alot...but it was waaayy too packed and crowded. I understand SM will say it was fine, firesafety was okay and they were within the venues capacity but thats besides the point. there were clearly too many people there this weekend and this comes from them saying there would be less numbers then last yr, and 2bh it didnt feel any better being in there then last yr. the venue itself was pants, everything was set out terribly and again there were too many people in there creating so many long lines just to get in and out or through anywhere. I went to the top floor at one point and it took me 1/2 an hour to get back downstairs, resulting in missing a photoshoot. Luckily the lovely lady in red on the sales desk sorted it for me but thats not the point. If a venue capactity is 20,000 it doesnt mean you should go right upto that. There were so many people there i gave up with half of the show as i just couldnt be bothered fighting my way through the crowds in that heat to see the stalls. The photo booths were all over the place and as others have said just created more problems. Is it so hard to put all the photoshoot booths in 1 or 2 areas closer together at a show this size?? if there is a reason why you dont do this then what is it?? as it makes no sense, and many who i spoke to over the weekend said the same. also with photoshoots, alot of people were saying about maybe its time to invest in a barrier system rather then the ridiculous white line when waiting. it creates issues when people are constantly crossing paths, cutting through, etc. if there are barriers where the photoshoot lines are then people will see whos in line and where for, cutting out issues of trying to get through. Also the map system that was printed up and on the walls made no sense to alot of people and even after printing maps of weeks in advance, i still found myself as did others asking any blue or red shirt where things were all weekend, it was a nightmare. I can see why people think its a money making thing, yes it is as at the end of the day its a business, BUT things can be organised alot better to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. if the goal is to get this as big as sdcc or nycc then ALOT of work needs to be done because quite simply if the same issues arise year after year but the guests get bigger and bigger, the event is just going to become less fun and more of a hassle to attend. Anyway, just my feelings on the weekend, again i had an okay time in terms of the event itself, guest wise it was great to meet who i did and im happy thart i met who i wanted, minus LLOYD so nice work SM in getting those guests but other issues still need looking at big time. Btw all the blue and red shirts were alot of help and thanks to them for answering any questions i had.
  10. Yeah as QS kindly replied and said, you still have to go to the shoot on the day its booked for but you can go to either shoot if they are doing 2 that day, and as she said you get priority after diamonds for the diamond guest shoots.
  11. wonderful, thank you mate, yeah that really helps me with my planning so my shoots dont clash now :) Yes as a gold pass holder you go before batch one and can join photo shoot lines at any time. Golds will be after diamond pass holders for MJF so you shouldn't be waiting too long. That's right yeh, the gold pass gives you a bit more flexibility in that respect.
  12. Your awesome stuart thanks mate, think your reply answered my previous question,so with my gold pass i can go to either photoshoot that a guest im booked is doing, so if i have clashes in the morning i can go to their shoot in the afternoon Yes as a gold pass holder you go before batch one and can join photo shoot lines at any time. Golds will be after diamond pass holders for MJF so you shouldn't be waiting too long.
  13. Great clarification Jason thanks, just wanted to ask, im sure ive overlooked it so MASSIVE APOLOGIES if i have, as its my first time with a gold, for photoshoots with regular guests who are doing 2 shoots, can i go to either shoot on the day i have booked? i.e with a photoshoot ticket thats batch 1, with a gold can i still go to their afternoon shoot or do i have to go to their first?
  14. interesting I'm pretty sure you'll get a VQ ticket, the big question will be if the number will be low enough to get you in the queue before the signing time ends...That I can't answer...Only guarantuee SM gives for an auto of the diamond guests is, you guessed it: Buying a diamond pass...So even getting a VQ ticket is no guarantuee they won't close the line before your number is called... You are correct there is no guarantee as we dont really know how many Diamond passes have been sold SM might have sold 1,000 and even if you have VQ ticket number 1 there will be 1,000 people in front of you I can tell you how many diamond passes will be in front of you on Saturday for Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton if you like :) Sigourney Weaver 170 Bill Paxton 100 Source = http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89449
  15. This is the exact plan i had as im coming from kings x all 3 days too. hope nothing changes as im not a frequent visitor to london so the tubes etc are a tad daunting. friday i planned to: piccadilly line from kings x to earls court. District line to west brompton, then overground from west brompton to olympia SAT/SUN kings cross-earls court-kensington olympia OR ive been told i can get to barons court then 10 min walk from there?? This is possible on Saturday and Sundays only as the District line between earls court and Olympia is closed during the week On the friday you could do kings cross to earls court then walk from earls court to olympia, this walk is about 20 mins Otherwise you could do kings cross to holborn on the picadiliy line, holborn to shepards bush, walk to the overground (5 mins), overground to olympia Or get the picadily line to earls court. District line to west brompton, then overground from west brompton to olympia
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