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  1. Are we going to have the same issue with next years summer event ?
  2. sammy-jones

    Guest Suggestion Thread!

    kiefer Sutherland Jensen Ackles David Tennant 😄😃😃😀😊☺️☺️😉
  3. sammy-jones

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    Seriously not long to go any one else getting exited 😊😃😊😃
  4. sammy-jones

    Southern Trains Strike 12th-17th July

    I'm going from East Tilbury 😃
  5. sammy-jones

    LFCC Event Announcement Tonight at 7pm

    Get Credit Cards ready lol 💷💷💷
  6. Ohh Brilliant showmasters you got him back yay 😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄
  7. Great announcement £95 is a good price for an amazing actress, I'm going on Sunday usally known as the less stress day hopefully it stays that way 😋
  8. 19 min to go 😃😃😃👍
  9. Is there anyway to swap my photo shoot ticket for another, I bought the £85 M J Fox shoot but would rather have the photo Shoot With the delorian I don't mind pay the extra £££
  10. sammy-jones

    Author Guests?

    I Totally agree with that ;-)
  11. sammy-jones

    Guest Suggestions!

    A Few Doctor Who guest would be great ;-)
  12. sammy-jones

    Champions League Of Horror Final Jaws Vs Halloween

    Halloween of course
  13. sammy-jones

    Latest Guest Announcement - STAN LEE

    Does he sell sketches like the other comic guest ?