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  1. Hi, we too have purchased 2 gold , but we were never asked to provide names , Do we need to do this ? Or just take copy of e mail and purchase number . Many thx
  2. Hi Gold pass ! what are the perks with gold pass ? Think I read that you still have to wait at back of queue for autograph and photo shoots , is this the case, anyone know .? If so Is the autograph pack the only extra for the price ?
  3. Anyone know where Robert rankin has gone off guest List, is he still coming ?
  4. Just hopin . Maybe 2 in London in same year too much , just have to wait and see .
  5. Been quiet in guest department last few weeks ,Not many announcements Hope all the ones from Cardiff attend. Be great turnout then !
  6. Hi, Got e mail but payment not been taken from account , . do they take it immediately ? If so order not gone through . Cheers
  7. Hi, Anyone know how long it takes to process gold pass purchase, Ordered mine on 9th, Still not had onfirmation, Is this normal ? Many thanks
  8. Thanks, I think I'm gonna go ahead and get one then. Do you still have to pre book photo shoots and go at the time given, or can you just take your ticket to any queue?
  9. Thanks for that , Just thinking bout purchasing couple gold passes, weighing up if they are worth having . Cheers .
  10. Hi, Can anyone tell me , Are the autograph packs that come with the gold pass individual hand signed photos ?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if the gold pass allows you admission to both days ?
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