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  1. 5. Dave Lea. (Michael Keaton stunt double)
  2. Any Warehouse 13 guests. Now the show has come to end it would be great to meet any of them and ask about thier memories of the show.
  3. Do you know if the art prints at last years shows will be on sale again or did they sell out? Thanks
  4. his may have already been asked and answered is this post but will ask again. Will Stan be doing any signing on the Friday night or just the photoshoot? I have just seen on the guests days and prices that he, along with the others, are down for Saturday and Sunday only. Thanks.
  5. We have the man who co-created Peter Parker then how about the man who killed him, Dan Slott?
  6. Wrong place. This is Autographica, you want Collectormania
  7. Says Victoria clear for this weekend http://www.tfl.gov.u...?offset=weekend
  8. has this changed your post? you've got Strike Through selected, its next to Underscore
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy. It's due out August 1st so it should be around the premiere date
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