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  1. Wow! This is an incredible announcement....I loved these movies growing up.
  2. Hi this was my first time at a preview night as I normally just attend LFCC Sat and Sun. I went as I wanted to get Stan Lees auto and photo and it was amazing! The Showmasters crew were fantastic all knowledgable about their VQ and very helpful and friendly. I managed to get 5 autos Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Robert Knepper, Michael Madsen and Stan Lee. I also got photoshoot a for Stan Lee, Michael Madsen and Robert Knepper. I was so impressed how friendly the guests were and the crew did an outstanding job. Please bring back Casper to another event he was so entertaining. I also thought Michael Madsen was fantastic and hope he comes back again too! What a great event!
  3. Yes there will be free show 8x10s there to have signed if you don't have anything of your own. Your ticket WILL get you in to this "pre-event" signing between 11-ish and 4pm. There will be the regular Stan Lee signing between 6pm and 7:15pm as well. Thank you so much :)
  4. I only have tickets for the preview night and was worried how I was going to fit everything in! Am I right in saying that as a preview ticket holder I can get Stan Lee's signature as long as I get there before 4pm as I'm travelling a long way? I had already booked a photoshoot but was worried I wouldn't have time to get an autograph too. Do we need to being a Stan Lee comic or will there tv photos available as the preview's preview? Thank u so much for doing this you are making a lot of fans very happy :) Thanks :)
  5. What a great announcement - I just wish she was there the weekend as it will be very busy for her all day on Saturday. Would love to meet her for Game of Thrones :)
  6. I wanted to add my thanks for a great event. I only went on Sunday and was just after a few autographs and photos from Barbara Bain, Robert Davi and the Shining Twins. I found all the guests were wonderful taking their time with attendees and making it a personal experience for everyone. They all happily posed for photos over the table and were good fun and friendly in their photoshoots too. Robert Davi was my favourite guest, he's such an entertaining guest I do hope you bring him back to other events perhaps with a talk too. He was very popular on Sunday with a big queue most of the time. I know a few people have commented that people were not being checked for wristbands. But I have to disagree on Sunday. The photoshoots were very well organised and there was a person checking as we went in and a person double checking as we queued in the photo area. They were very discreet but when they picked up a query they spoke to the person. I think they did an excellent job. I also heard them talking to a hotel guest who had wandered into the area to see what was happening and they politely explained the admission and ticket process. I felt the crew all did an excellent job and I was impressed that the hotel staff were also well briefed and knew about attendees purchasing tickets, photoshoots and the discounted parking. All very impressive. I prefer the layout of Autographica Birmingham as this did seems a bit more sprawled out but it was an excellent event very well organised. Well done to everyone involved. :)
  7. OMG! what a fantastic announcement. I am so pleased to be able to meet them - they terrified me as a small child (who really should not have been watching that film!) I still think the Shining stands up as one of the best horror films. Very pleased about this :)
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone, I decided its a once in a lifetime opportunity so I'm booking the day off work and travelling down Friday as I can't miss Stan the Man. I've booked my photoshoot for Friday, can't wait! Thanks again :)
  9. I do hope they can fit an extra photoshoot in somewhere! While I understand people's comments that not everyone will get Stan's autograph it's exactly the same for those of us who would prefer a photoshoot. In the past there have been photoshoots in the morning and the afternoon for popular guests, perhaps this could be done for Stan. At the end of the day you will get through an a lot of photographs in an hour (when I timed it it works out about 8 seconds a photo) maybe just one extra shoot would make all the difference. Please make it happen Showmasters :)
  10. Please bring Bruce Campbell back, - he's my all time favourite guest! :)
  11. Michael rooker, Andrew Lincoln or any Walking Dead cast would be very much appreciated please! :)
  12. Please, please, please bring him to an event. We need more Walking dead guests! :)
  13. So great to see Starship Troopers guests at this event, I hope you can get more especially Michael Ironside and Neil Patrick Harris. A group photoshoot would be amazing too! :)
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