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  1. Great fun! Apart from those that hog them for hours on end! Must of waited a good hour to play mario kart on the wii U!
  2. Yes! esp because half the cast was in LOST!
  3. Last time a remember one of these threads it was a truck....sorry, I mean Optimus prime...i won't get my hopes up this time!
  4. Anyone could be announced at any point up til the event, so possibly! I do hope so though :)
  5. So last year I brought a £15 early bird so when I got there at 10:30-11 I only had a 'little' (smaller than standard anyways) queue...but now I have to pay more (£18) to get there at 10:30-11 (earliest I physically can due to living far away and trains) to wait in a queue with thousands.....
  6. Little disappointing so far! But I have 2! MC Gainey Christopher Cousins
  7. Either a Lost or Breaking Bad would be cool.....with a few more guests
  8. I've got number 3 for Christopher Cousins and Number 1 for MC Gainey so very low numbers :)
  9. Totally agree with this! If you're going to do it, do it for the chosen charity! It's a nice idea but like others have said, I doubt you'd be able to do it indoors, nothing stopping you outdoors though! Where are you planning on getting the water from?
  10. I thought the first few episodes were really good, then after the 'pink stars are falling' stuff and the core of the dome ect I thought it was all abit silly but I carried on watching, and thought the ending was good so will most likely watch the first ep of the second season. But yeah it's really not that great.
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