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Tv and movie guest suggestions

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Here goes -


Alyson Hannigan

Elijah Wood

Dominic Monaghan

Sean Astin

Viggo Mortensen

Orlando Bloom

Sean Bean

Ian Mckellen

Ian Holm

Christopher Lee

David Wenham

Liv Tyler :unsure:

Cate Blanchett

Peter Jackson

Phillipe Boyens

Fran Walsh

Howard Shore

Richard Taylor

Chris and Dan Henna

Weta workshop crew


James Marsters

Charisma Carpenter

J August Richards

Emma Caulfield

Alexis Denisof

Alexa Dovalos

Joss Whedon

Valadimir Kulich

Sam Anderson

Sarah Thompson

Juliet Landau

Marc Metcalf

Bridgette Brannagh

Elizebeth Rohm

Marc Blucas

Jonathan Woodard


(Home Improvement Reunion)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Patricia Richardson

Tim Allen

Zack Ty Bryan

Taran Noah Smith

Richard Kahn

Debbie Dunning


Kate Mulgrew

Jeri Ryan

Garett Wang

Robert Duncan Mcneil

Tim Russ

Roxanne Dawson


Linda Park

Jolene Blallock

Scott Bakula

Anthony Mongomery


Cynthia Rothrock





Robbie Coltrane

Alan Rickman

Maggie Smith

Zoe Wannamaker

Tom Felton

Sean Biggerstaff

Gary Oldman

David Thewlis


Segorney Weaver

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My current WLTMs are :-


ACTORS - David Wenham , Sean Bean , Ian McKellen , Christopher Lee , William Sadler , Katherine Heigl , Katie Holmes , James Marsters , Juliet Landau , Bill Paxton , Michael Biehn , Paul McGann , Anthony Michael Hall , Nicole De Boer , Kirsten Dunst , Sam Neill , Rutger Hauer , Tim Curry , Bruce Campbell , Milla Jovovich


BEHIND THE SCENES - Stephen King , Dean Koontz , Clive Barker , Sam Raimi , Ronald D Moore , Roland Emmerlich , Dean Devlin , Kevin Smith , H R Giger , Joss Whedon , Chris Carter , George A Romero .


This list is far from complete , but it gives you a choice of people to consider :P:D

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Christopher Reeve

Rutger Hauer

Anthony Stewart Head

James Marsters(at the request of my drooling girlfriend!)

Bruce Campbell(Groovy!!)

Jennifer Garner(at the request of a drooling me!)

and the ever silent...Kevin Smith

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Antony Head

David Thewlis

Thomas Robins

Brad Dourif

Alfred Molina

Ian Mckellan

Miranda Otto

Karl Urban

Bruce Hopkins

Johnny Depp (i can dream can't i)


Peter Jackson

Tim Burton

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You have to bring back:


Richard Hatch


Dirk Benedict


Dwight Schultz


...and maybe get Mr T :P


oh..and let's have a Battlestar Galactica talk..(I don't want much do I) :D

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you know other than lotr people obv it'd be nice to get some Tru calling people over! just a thought lol!

That would be cool. Eliza and Shawn preferably. I'd also love to meet anyone from Firefly - Nathan Fillion please?

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oooo maybe this has been said before!,


But I loved to see Rik Mayall and/or Adrian Edmonson!!!!


and for the rest of the list of course:


Bruce Campbell (No. 1) for everyone I believe

Rutger Hauer

Paul Verhoeven

pple from the TV show 24!

Rob Schneider (and yes I'm being serious!)

Lance Henriksen

Christian Bale

Mr. T

Kevin Conroy (Batman Voice on TAS)

Richard Hatch

Michael Keaton

Sean Patrick Flanery

Norman Reedus

Tony Todd

Brad Dourif

Richard Coyle (JEFF!!!!)

Liam Neeson

Treat Williams

The Cast of Dog Soldiers (OH YEAH!!!!)

Sam Neill

David Hasselhoff!

Jean Reno

Bill Paxton!

Chris Kattan

Will Ferrell

Thomas Jane

Guy Pearce

Jeffrey Combs

Peter Weller

Natasha Henstridge

Peter Cullen (Autobots, Roll Out!!!!!)

Jason Statham

Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster!)

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Never been to one of these events before, so this is going to be my first.


Id love to meet at an event such as this-


Bruce Campbell

Moustapha Akkad

Hideo Nakata

Mick Foley(not sure if that would really count but what the hell!!!


And i am absolutley gutted that Kane Hodder isnt going to be there :headscratch:



Oh and just a quick after thought how about-


Michael Madsen

Christian Bale

Adam West & Burt Ward

Robert Rodriguez

Brad Dourif


And finally Jennifer Tilly, but thats just cause i got a bit of a thing for the lady :D

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LFCC 2 was my first, so apologies if my suggested guests have already visited and I missed them:


Lance Henriksen

Bill Paxton


And the guy who played Gorman in Aliens whose name has completely escaped me for the moment. I know he would be willing to do something like this because I have a vague memory that he went to a proper Alien convention about ten years ago. Though I wasn't there, so may be wrong.

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I have listed these below but this is also in the other con suggestions as i dont mind where, but would love them all!


Space Above and Beyond cast reunion

Shawn Michaels - WWE

Triple H - WWE

Craig Charles - Red Dwarf

Paul Walker- Fast and the Furious

Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd - Ghostbusters (Plus Bill Murray if he ever offered!)

Steve O, Chris Pontius and Jonny Knoxville - Jackass

Jason David Frank - Power Rangers

Harry Potter main cast - Incl Robbie Coltrane!

Mr T

Mark Hamill

Bruce Campbell

Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst - Hercules

Christopher Lloyd


These will be fine for now. I will work on the next list for next con!

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ppl from H.POTTER:

Alan Rickman ,Jason Isaacs, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, David Thewlis.....JK ROWLING!!lol one can dream....a hint: Rickman is close friend to Thompson...Ask Thompson to get Rickman there :-)))Plus the kids of course....


The MONTY PYTHONS!!!!!!!!John Cleese, Mickael Palin etc....


the AB FAB band!!!


QUEER AS FOLK the american version!!!


ALIAS !....But i don't know all the names....


XFILES!!! Mulder and Scully would be great!


As i am french, i know nothing about: hell boy , red dwarf, wrestler (or whatever the name)....These are the words i picked up in collectormania 6 from totally unknown films, tvmovies,series maybe?...So those i don't care :-)

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