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  1. Still hoping for Kane Hodder......pretty please
  2. OK point taken, it was the pictures that confused me (have to admit i didnt read the title under the picture). Being here in the Uk and not seeing the show until Sunday im a bit confused - Last episode here was where Jack and Co got back to the Island, before that was Locke getting off the island (going down the well) and before that was Jin waking up and meeting Rousseau. Therefore looking at the pics i saw Frank and assumed that this was the thread for the Jack back on Island episode as the pic for the previous episode was Locke turning the wheel and the pic for the episode before that was Jin waking up on the beach, this would tie in with what i thought as above. No big deal, its my own fault for not reading properly
  3. Dont know about pictures but i have seen Hatchet and really enjoyed it, the method acting shown in the extras is pure quality
  4. Never been to one of these events before, so this is going to be my first. Id love to meet at an event such as this- Bruce Campbell Moustapha Akkad Hideo Nakata Mick Foley(not sure if that would really count but what the hell!!! And i am absolutley gutted that Kane Hodder isnt going to be there Oh and just a quick after thought how about- Michael Madsen Christian Bale Adam West & Burt Ward Robert Rodriguez Brad Dourif And finally Jennifer Tilly, but thats just cause i got a bit of a thing for the lady
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