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  1. Skylover

    Sneaky Zebra presents WLFCC 2013

    fantastic video, as always, with so many great cosplay! and it's really cool to see the guests cameos, love it!
  2. don't, its not him but another padawan, Coinneach Alexander
  3. Skylover

    Funniest Anime?

    I havent seen much of the anime version yet, but the Dr Slump manga is one of the funniest thing I know High School! Kimengumi is hysterical too, at least the french dub, not sure if this show is well know in UK ?
  4. Skylover


    Ive started reading some Marvel NOW! series recently, Thanos Rising, Guardians of the Galaxy, NOVA, all cool stuff. But the one I would highly recommand is Savage Wolverine, by Frank Cho (first six issues) S.H.I.E.L.D is impressive too (the one with Leonard Da Vinci) and if you are a Star Wars fan, you have to read Dark Times !
  5. Skylover

    Christopher Lee!

    I think last time Ive heard of him signing in public was in germany two years ago or more. I was sad not to see him appear at the Hobbit premiere, especially since Ian Holm was at the event (he would not have signed but would have been cool to have him there with the cast) He did turn up at the james bond premiere weeks before and hes still workin
  6. Skylover

    Disney Buys Lucasfilm.. More Star Wars in 2015..

    Kenny http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20156816
  7. Skylover

    so who do you want the other guests to be at this con

    Albert Valentine and Florence Hoath (The Empty Child) Chipo Chung Holly Earl and why not a Tom Baker/Tennant duo photo-op !
  8. Skylover

    Jerry Hardin

    maybe for EMS or Autographica ?
  9. Skylover

    Brent Spiner

    Met him last year too, but it would be fantastic to see him with Hallie Todd !
  10. Skylover

    Guest Cancellation Norman Reedus

    as much as cancellations suck, if more free time is now available Im up for a Russell/Ann Ford photo-op or a X-files one, even without Gillian it make sense please ? ^^
  11. Skylover

    so who do you want the other guests to be at this con

    yes her please, she cancelled at LFCC
  12. Skylover

    so who do you want the other guests to be at this con

    Matt Smith or Lindsay Duncan, both would be great for a double photo-op with Tennant ! would love to see David Morrissey & Velile Tshabalala together Shaun Dingwall and Camille together too Bruno Langley Alexandra Moen William Hughes Sydney Wade Pauline Collins Sophie Okonedo ! Jacqueline King Raquel Cassidy Lily Cole and Hugh Bonneville the family from the last Xmas special
  13. ouch not cheap, buts its a Star Trek main cast now, so I guess its ok, and hope to see more of them !
  14. Christopher Lee is still filming movies and big stuff, so I guess he is current ? I can hope