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  1. Edward Woodward has recently had an accident at home , fell down the stairs , and is extremely unlikely to go anywhere at the moment . He was due to do theatre with his wife any time now , but this has been put back till next year . Sorry guys ... and I hope he gets well soon .
  2. Met him at the Theatre last year - got him to sign my Hellraiser stuff - really nice chap
  3. I really wouldn't be looking to use them even if you can get hold of them . So many stories about pre-orders going missing or just not got . From the outside , they appear to be more bothered about other things maybe now
  4. Been reading on another forum some guy met three of these last week - one of them was very unfriendly , wouldn't sign anything - see if you can guess which one ?
  5. So far :- AMANDA TAPPING LEONARD NIMOY maybes :- John De Lancie Rachel Lutrell
  6. i think that may have been me you spoke to who said he was rubbish... we took each others pics for Ernest borgnine? anyway, some may argue that you are only really paying for the item to be signed, not a photo of/with and not a chat BUT ive never had an experience this bad before, real waste of money. More frustrating then that i read how he was like a completely different person on the Sunday. Live and learn i guess Yes , it was you I talked to - and glad I did . I know we are only paying for the auto , but even Dick Turpin talked to the people he robbed I have met a coupl
  7. I liked her , thought she was quite nice and friendly . Maybe not as friendly as Ernie or George but still enjoyed meeting her
  8. I decided that I was gonna get his auto , because he was Mickey Rooney , not because I loved him in anything . I wangled my money about , decided who I was gonna miss , and went up early on Saturday . I paid my money , picked my piccy , then asked for a pen to write my name on the back of the ticket so he could personalise . The photo lady said he wasn't personalising , so I asked for my money back . He made it easy for me really , made my mind up quickly - I know he is Mickey Rooney , but can only remember him in National Velvet , looked on IMDB and didn't remember him from anything I lik
  9. I don't think she is THAT bothered - at the first of her events , they were selling these photos for her
  10. Caroline John Maureen O'Brien Catherine Schell Geoffrey Beevers Martin Jarvis Denis Lill Bernard Horsfall Ian Fairbairn David Savile Stephen Thorne
  11. First the almost realistic :- Richard Dean Anderson David Boreanaz Scott Bakula Billie Piper Chris Eccleston Viggo Mortenson Liv Tyler John Carpenter Stephen King Wesley Snipes Kurt Russell Tim Curry Sigourney Weaver Mark Hamill Bill Pullman Sissy Spacek Sam Raimi Then the not really gonna happen :- Orlando Bloom Peter Jackson George Lucas Dustin Hoffman Sam Neill Kevin Costner John Cleese Charlize Theron Natalie Portman Sarah Michelle Gellar Kate Beckinsale Keanu Reeves Jamie Lee Curtis John Travolta Kiera Knightley Matt Damon David Tenn
  12. Richard Dean Anderson - got a lovely Stargate poster that will NEVER be complete until he signs it Sigourney Weaver - ditto with my Alien DVD cover
  13. One of my biggest wants - and it's about time he came over for a show - some of us have been asking for YEARS for him
  14. I think we have been pushing for both Clancy Brown and William Sadler for long enough - surely it's time you brought one of them over by now - they have to be two of the most asked for guests
  15. Would take PAUL Anderson every time ... especially if he brought his lovely wife with him
  16. You missed the fantastic Time After Time , also starring Malcolm McDowell - if I was coming down and had some brass , I would get something signed by both of these guys , as much as I love Omen
  17. If you can't get one from Howard The Duck , I have a signed one - an official movie still
  18. I've met her three times in UK in about two years. She's not that rare! Well , how wonderful for you You must have met her at Cons - she hasn't done any signing shows , where she is VERY rare .
  19. Why , is that Nottingham , Alabama then ? Do they not have buses to up north like they have them to Birmingham ? Or is it that they go through Sherwood Forest and you'd rather not travel on that road ? Maanchester is nearer than London , but that is easier ? Or is it that you'd rather not go to Manchester so feel you have to whinge ?
  20. I am still , after all these years , waiting for these guys , most of which have been in LOTS of different stuff , something for everybody William Sadler - Roswell , Shawshank Redemption , Disturbing Behaviour , Wonderfalls , The Green Mile , Star Trek DS9 , Trespass , Die Hard 2 etc Clancy Brown - Highlander , Carnivale , The Shawshank Redemption , Lost , Enterprise , ER , Starship Troopers , Pet Semetary 2 etc William B Davis - The X Files , Stargate SG1 , Andromeda , Smallville , Sliders , Omen IV , Stephen King's It etc Seth Green - Buffy , Austin Powers , Angel , Seaque
  21. A living legend - do you mean like Superman , or maybe Godzilla . Gee , I'd like to meet him too And not because I actually want to meet him , but because I love the film he's in . I don't give a stuff about him , or any of them in person - they can all stay in the real world and leave me in my own little one where all the TV programmes are great and clouds are made of chocolate because it never rains I love my life , so bring on Godzilla
  22. You would have more chance of William Shakespeare being announced as a guest than Val Kilmer - he may have been down as a guest at LFCC , but failed to turn up , and I , for one , am still waiting patiently for my signed picture As for them telling us who we didn't get - despite Jason saying we would know either way , I doubt that he will say anything , not really professional and he still needs a working relationship with these guys so he can persuade them to come over to some other show - much as I'm sure we'd all like to know . Can I also say to Too Tall ( about something he
  23. You forgot the first bit of the line , Kris , where it says : In my opinion .....
  24. While I may slightly agree with the free kids in the photo under 12 thing , how about a bit of a compramise ? So all these families who use their young kids to get better posed photos at the signing , or free autographs and longer with the guests ( you know who you are ) stop doing that and annoying us who are sometimes lucky if the actor looks up when signing our autographs , and we will feel better about you getting your kids free in the official photo shoots that we have to pay full price for Does that seem like something we can agree upon , or work with ?
  25. OK - my guess is :- David Tennant - won't be recording Doctor Who at that time , and enjoys signing . Wes Craven - will certainly make me and a lot of people very happy . Rutger Hauer - did one show years ago , bout time he did another . I'll come and sort out my Gold Ticket on Friday or Saturday , thanks Jason .
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