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  1. Would love to see Hilary Shepard as well to really make it a FULL Turbo reunion! Gotta have the bad guys as well!!!
  2. Don't want to go into it but really not what I thought to be honest. Maybe I had put him on such a high pedestal though. Sure he will be good this year though as I think I was the only negative last year so might have expected too much.
  3. Had a bad experience with him last year so pleased other people had a good one and hope everyone this year has one too. Hoping for more rangers to be announced too! Never have too many.
  4. I regret meeting one of my childhood heroes Jason David Frank as was completely ignored and disregarded during the whole meet & autograph process....... wait, was that not the point of this thread. Hahaha
  5. Jason David Frank & Michael J Fox. My 2 childhood heroes. Well they always say never meet your heroes and boy were they right. Thank god for Jason Faunt & Erin Cahill being two of the loveliest and most friendly guests I have met or I may have just given up. Childhood dreams = DESTROYED! Not SM's fault, guests choice to be a waste of time & money I guess.
  6. Paul Rudd - Ant-Man is a massive film, massive guest lierally (or ironically if you like) and opening weekend
  7. Did any other guests charge £5 for table photos? Both Power Rangers did which I didn't mind paying as it was a great experience but just wondered if everyone charged?
  8. Guys Blake Foster is really interested in attending and would be a great guest as he seems genuinely awesome with his fans. Does anyone agree with wanting to meet Blake?
  9. the pic is the back of the LFCC programme so looks good but with no news, no forum space or nothing else, who knows?!?!
  10. So, for some stupid reason I am still planning on going tomorrow (if for nothing else than getting my refund for my tickets and photoshoots I wont be able to use if they wont let me in!) but I have a quick couple of questions 1) We have purchased 2 standard and 2 early bird tickets. If we wanted to upgrade the two standard to EB, do we have to go in the pay on the day queue? 2) How did you get on with standard ticket entry with pre booking? Did you get in at all or was it a problem? Thanks all!
  11. Hi. Random one for you. I have ordered some lfcc photo tickets with one for cmmk. Will this cause a problem with receiving the Milton Keynes one in time?
  12. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Space: Above and Beyond. Not sure if it was only me who loved this show but so many of the cast are now relevant to loads of other shows, it would be great to get them all back! Morgan Weiser (X-Files, Charmed & Alias) Kristen Cloke (Final Destination, Millennium, Black Christmas) Rodney Rowland (Veronica Mars and loads of other shows) Joel De La Fuente (Law & Order, Hawaii Five-O) Lanei Chapman (Greys Anatomy, Cold Case) James Morrison (24, Revenge) Tucker Smallwood (Star Trek Enterprise, Flight of the living Dead) Would be a great reunion and a fantastic group photo shoot!
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