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  1. I got the impression that Jeanette Goldstein was a little jealous that there was a massive queue for Michael Biehn, but that she spent most of the time sitting there twiddling her thumbs or talking to similarly unpopular Mark Rolston next door. That said, she was perfectly nice and hospitable. Michael Biehn was also really nice. I didn't get to see him until late afternoon, by which time he had been saying hi, signing autographs and jumping up for photos for most of the day, so I was worried he might be irritable, or at least hiding it. But if he was, then he didn't let it show. Also, does anyone know if he's dyslexic? We had to write down our names for him if you wanted a personalised autograph, and he stopped in the middle of my name to check the back of the slip. It's not like Jonathan is hard to spell, but I didn't have the guts to ask him such a personal question.
  2. I also wish to express my gratitude. I only heard about this thing less than a week ago, and was very, very impressed. I must admit I did think for a while: "oh, well, it's only £5, if it's rubbish I won't have lost much money". Fortunately, £5 turned out to be the first of many bargains I encountered that day. I've been to things that have cost as much where their "special" guests turn out to be Third Ewok From The Left, and the merchandise dealers turn out to be rip-off merchants. And where the crew manning it are surly, rude and generally elitist because they're in a Captain Picard uniform and you're not, so clearly they outrank you, etc, etc, etc... LFCC was very professionally run, your staff were plentiful and helpful, and I just got the general impression that it was organised by fans for fans, rather than cynical businessmen hoping to make a quick buck off devotees of TV shows and movies. I only had enough money to get Jeanette Goldstein and Michael Biehn's autographs. I spent five hours in his virtual queue, which, by the way, is an excellent idea. At the end of the day I only spent about three or four minutes of the day actually queuing up for anything. So, anyway, thanks and congratulations for an outstanding weekend. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this site to see if you can get any more Alien franchise guests for the next LFCC.
  3. LFCC 2 was my first, so apologies if my suggested guests have already visited and I missed them: Lance Henriksen Bill Paxton And the guy who played Gorman in Aliens whose name has completely escaped me for the moment. I know he would be willing to do something like this because I have a vague memory that he went to a proper Alien convention about ten years ago. Though I wasn't there, so may be wrong.
  4. Well, I haven't been to any conventions where you DON'T pay extra to meet the guests. Once again, thanks for your replies. Regarding the virtual queuing situation, I read in the FAQ that they only give out 800 tickets. I'm mainly after Michael Biehn's auto, and he seems to be pretty popular, so if I arrived between 9.30am and 10am, do you imagine there would still be any left? It wouldn't matter if that meant I had to wait until mid-afternoon, but I'd be pretty disappointed if I didn't get to see him at all. Cheers in advance.
  5. Yes, I knew all that. God knows I've read through the rest of the site enough times looking for answers. :) I only called it convention because, well, that's what the second C in LFCC stands for, right? Anyway, thanks a lot for all your responses. You've alleviated some worries I was having. Another quick question, if I may (for the veterans): what are the queues likely to be like? I don't mean inside. I've read all about virtual queuing, and half the people going seem to be after Michael Biehn's auto too, but outside. I read someone say they're turning up at 5am (?!) Is that recommended, or are they just extremely dedicated?
  6. Hi. Apologies if this in the wrong forum, but I've looked around the FAQ and done a search and can't find an answer, and I e-mailed Showmasters days ago and they haven't replied, but I need to know something. Basically, I only heard about the LFCC a few days ago, so didn't have time to book tickets or anything. What I want to know is: can I just turn up on the day and still hope to get in? I mean, that's a pretty nifty guest-list, and £5 for a London convention is beyond a bargain, so is this thing going to be so popular that only those who have booked tickets in advance will get in? I don't mind queuing, but I don't really want to turn up just to be turned away. I've been skimming through some of your threads and a lot of you seem to have gone to the last convention, so I'm hoping you veterans can help just another damn newbie. Cheers.
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