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  1. Haha yeah I was! Reminded me to come on here and see if there'd been any announcements, haven't been to a show since 'The lost boys' came a few years back. But yeah, he has played so many different roles and characters he would cover a wide variety of genres etc. That's good to know aswell then Nicky, shame he couldn't make it, but at least we know he could be keen in the future.
  2. Don't think there has been a thread for Bill for a year or two so decided to start a new one. He's been in some quality and cult films, and played some classic characters. Does anyone know any info with Bill and signings? Haven't really heard anything about him and conventions or fans before. If you would like to see Bill at a future event please show your support here!
  3. He was great in 28days later, would love to meet him purely because of this.
  4. Spaced guests such as: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jessica Hynes. Also Bill Paxton! Friday 13th prt 5 guests! Starship troopers guests!
  5. Verne and Nick Frost, would love to meet either of these!
  6. Always good to see starship troopers guests announced, more please!!
  7. Did he actually play the role of Jason in friday 13th or was he just the stunt double? Had a look on IMDB and couldn't really find an answer.
  8. Definately gotta be predators, apart from that there isn't one on that list i'd want to pay money to see. Really hope we aren't let down with this one! Although not on the list and out soon, clash of the titans is looking to be a great film, cant go wrong with the 3d version either.
  9. Quality! So far he's the only guest I'd want to meet but i'm now considering coming just to meet him and have a photo!
  10. haha that is cool. "You're dog meat pal!"
  11. RIP Corey - Was a delight to meet him
  12. I saw it last night in 3D, I expected it to be better than it turned out to be but this was probably because the trailers were really good and also the hype of the film was massive. I think it did drag on longer than it needed to, but the plot needed the length because there was so much info the audience needed to know or else they wouldn't have a clue what was going on. It is definately worth watching though, especially in 3D, there's a great cast and the CGI is amazing.
  13. Would love to see the Lost Boys cast back soon, could only really afford to meet the 2 Coreys and Jamison Newlander last time. How about some new faces like Dianne Wiest, Jami Gertz, Alex Winter, and maybe even Jason Patric. Show your Support!!
  14. Yeah, he's great in Lost and Saving Private Ryan. I think he plays his character roles really well, would be cool to see him come to LFCC this summer.
  15. Yeah that would be awesome! Apart from his autograph there's only 3 words i'd need him to sign..."Where's ya tool?"
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