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  1. I had a great weekend as always and loved it! The only things for me was having to trek up and down the floors to find out what numbers the guests were at and trying to navigate through the queues at the large signing area as there were too many people in close proximity. The syfy stage was fantastic but didn't leave space to get round so you could only go one side and this caused a large amount of people going in both directions in a small area. Couldn't get some of my autographs as the guests were on gold only for ages and barely made it to 300 autographs such as Richard Dean Anderson, 3 days with VQT's around 300 and still didn't get his auto although I heard we was taking a long time talking to everyone. The Crew member at Hayley Atwell on the Saturday around 5 realised that she was signing up to 300 but most people had tickets around 400-500+ including myself and no one was going to her with the intended 300 or less tickets as they were obviously away somewhere else in the con so he used his initiative and started filling the queue with any number as she was signing fast! Thanks for that as we didn't think we would get her autograph at all! Thanks showmasters for another great weekend!
  2. Top floor stairs

    Someone needs to sort out the top floor stairs. Open a fire exit please
  3. Geoff John's Friday siging.

    Cheers for this post azza1124. Met one of my comic heroes because I waited until 6 to go see Gary Frank! Cheers again 😀
  4. Yup! Awesome guest. Just asked and got the weekend off for this. Another fun trip down from Glasgow.
  5. Any news on Program Raffle yet?

    Wow, maybe it was Sunday only they were on display then, sorry you guys didn't get a chance to see if you's had won a goodie bag!
  6. Any news on Program Raffle yet?

    All raffle numbers where on display throughout the weekend at the long tables at the auction. Myself and my friend both won with our programmes and I got some really cool things in my goodie bag like; superman: MoS ice cube tray, iron man 3 note book, cool firefly badges and some previous convention badges and coasters! My friend got a Sunnydale high school diploma in his as well as some funky light up shot glasses!
  7. Any news on Program Raffle yet?

    What do you mean by news Wall_E?
  8. WOW! Absolutely fantastic, would be amazing to complete the trio! ;-)
  9. LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    Nice layout, makes it easier to see clashes and photo areas, going to have to be extra early to get an autograph from Stan though as he is in shoots for several hours!
  10. Stan Lee POP exclusive for LFCC

    I was excited for this PoP figure, but that price is horrendous! Have a vinyl figure or meet the man himself for the same price? Ridiculous.
  11. Stan Lee POP exclusive for LFCC

    Yes, PoP figures are brilliant and this one looks awesome! Defo will be picking one of these up if they're on sale!
  12. Budget Problems

    That's roughly £250 of guests so you are near your budget! I've met Lena, Gethin and Ellie before and they are really nice to talk to!
  13. Budget Problems

    I'm travelling down from Glasgow aswell with some mates, I'm currently going through my list to see who I definitely want to see. I'd reccomended you write a list of who you want to see and how much they cost. After you've wrote your list tally up the cost. Say it comes to £500 but you have a budget of £100 or £200 etc go through that list and put a yes/maybe next to the guests that you really want to meet and a no next to ones that you are only writing down because would like to meet them! Then do the same again with your new list and repeat until you cut it down to people you really want to meet from shows etc that you are really interested in (game of thrones) this will let you set a good starting point and let you work within your budget. Then if you have some extra cash with you on the day you could always meet a few of your maybe guests that you cut on a spur of the moment On the Stan Lee note, it depends how you view his work and contribution to comics, tv, film etc..., if you don't read comics or like the marvel cinematic universe then I would say have a good think about it! There is no point in meeting a guest just for the big name if their work is not something you enjoy, that £45 could go towards 2-3 guests that you really want to see! Enjoy the con whatever your budget, take in some free talks if all your money is going on guests as they are a great insight into some peoples careers!
  14. Your personal weekend itinerary

    Friday night we usually get a couple of autographs done, try for the busier guests then if they are signing that night to make Saturday more relaxed (if that's possible, haha!) We usually catch up with one of the stall dealers and his brother as we only see them a few times a year and they are great guys! Then have a Nandos, :-) Saturday we get our VQ tickets then hit the stalls, register for the auction and check back at the autos to see if our numbers are up yet. Take in some talks, photo cosplayers that stop for a chat usually head out for lunch between 1-2 then head back in for the end of the auction. Depending how much guests we have left to meet we will stay to the end if need be and talk to our friend a few times to see how he's getting on at the show. Then go for a Chiquitos, :-) Sunday we usually catch any Sunday only guests we want to meet and some spur of the moment autos. As Sunday is a little quieter than the Saturday we spend a lot more time looking at the stalls and talking to the dealers, trying to get some good deals on merch and picking up some stuff we've been thinking about buying from the auction if we are lucky. We usually stay to the end this day as we don't want the con to end :-)